MUSCLE MILK (Pittsburgh, PA)

  "Best stamp I've ever had..(originally copped in 2013)"
"I had these once before when I was still sniffing dope sometime last year, and they were my all time favorite bags. To this day, I always tell people about them, and my friends who did get to do them with me when they came around, we always talk about how nothing has come close to these bags--straight fire! I was so excited when I got these (again) last night, I still can't believe they are back!

LEGS 10 
COUNT 10 (honestly, should be 11--lol) 

Last time I got these they were so fat the whole bottom square of the bag was full and opaque. I'm talking like the dope even went up 1/4 of the way past the first fold and that's how every single bag was, and they are just the same way this time around. I was so excited when I got these last night, I still can't believe they are back!"
"These bags are really powerful, (especially via IV) 
 so please, BE CAREFUL and always do a test shot!" 

"As far as I know there is nothing funny cut-wise in them and I haven't heard of anyone OD'ing on these, but the dope is pretty damn potent, so please, if you come across them, USE CAUTION--even when sniffing!" 
 --anonymous reader submission from Pittsburgh, PA! (thank u!)


Anonymous said...

those muscle milks were not that good..

Unknown said...

Wow, I came across this blog and saw this post. I been clean for almost 4 1/2 years but I got these in McKeesport quite often when I was using in 2013. One of these had me high as shit. This post took me back, but I wouldn't give up my clean date for 100 of these. Thanks KS for the reminder tho. Lol.