TARGET (reprise)

Target is trash NOW!!!
huge count but stuff sucks!!!
they changed name to "Body Bag" but it is still horrible!


Another Brooklyn garbage!

no rush, no legs, little count.
don't even want to write a review!


This is by the color of the ink is the same as NY1

Just another average Brooklyn shit: little rush, no legs, lousy count. Got it once, never again.

Rush ehh...2?
Legs little...like 4 hours
count 4


Brooklyn's finest!!! As of fall of 2011 this is the best north brooklyn has to offer. Nice rush, decent count and good legs. The only problem that waiting for this stuff can stretch from 15 minutes to 5 hours. At times you can get to the block only to find out that phone does not pick up for hours. Well this guy's reputation is famous!!!

rush 7
count 7
legs 8