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"Unleashed from Brooklyn (no specific area, delivery service). From the makers of hellboy. Good rush, not-so-great legs, but overall solid stuff. Not anything to write home about but probably the best you're gonna do for Brooklyn right now. Decent amount in each bag. I wish I could get a hold of some fire shit, or at least find someone who will sell one/two bags instead of these bundle or nothing dudes. Arghhhh. WHERE are the open markets in NYC anymore?*

Rush - 7
Legs - 6
Count - 8

 *ed note: Even NYC's grittiest sepia shadows have become simply annotated captions of a 2013 Times Square caricature artist's "portrait du desespoir": days of yonder. BY MEMORY! The last 2 decades have humored the "war on drugs" expansion to encompass any and all related ephemera within the free market-meets-lordoftheflies methodology that spurns urban economy/hustle, perhaps by exploiting its inherent cycles of decay and rebirth. While the "forces that be" fill their quotas by schlepping vanloads of sweaty, tired, private citizens who unwittingly shat a little too close to where they dined that day.. (and then shit ON themselves while waiting for a bed in the holding cell to wallow in. ;happens to the best of us, duh.;) Naturally, the advent of cellular phones, SMS messaging, winks and nods, carrier pigeons, and Scientologist sea-org interns on the block has changed its modus operandi. Check out this thread for some proper chatteringjunkboxes on the topic: NYC? Is Open Air Dead?

"Also I need reader/your help. I've copped some weird dope lately that is cut with something STRANGE. The dope is super gritty, like sand, won't dissolve well, and almost turns into a paste (!!??) when mixed with water. Milky yellow color. My dealer friend said maybe pills. I don't have a photo but it comes in a red bag, no stamp. I only get it when I'm desperate as it's usually crap. Any ideas? Anyone know about this shit?"    ----Yours as always, EVE

-- Drywall dust? Enfamil, quinine, GMC BootyBuilder2000 Protein Powder.. and drywall dust? I implore y'all: if your "dope" is not water soluble, and even so far as does not appear reasonably CLEAR in its final solution after dilution, a little heat/agitation, and proper filtration.. PLEASE DO NOT INJECT SUCH A SOLUTION INTO YOUR BODY! xxxJynxie

--reader submission from Bklyn/LES (thanks to the lovely EVE)



:"I really like this logo and I haven't seen it posted here.  I'm in South Carolina but they came from NYC so you all might be familiar? As usual, my dude said, "The last ones were nothing and these are three times better!" but (imo) those were okay but these are probably twice as good. They are much lighter in color, less rush but great legs.  I'm only a recreational user but I'd say 
rush 6 
legs 8 
count 6.  
The Ghostbusters logo is sick, but I wouldn't submit it unless I didn't really like the product.  
Love what you do Jynxie, keep it up."

--reader submission (thanks % R% in SC)