Law & Order (CI)
"I previously sent in a review of Law & Order, I just wanted to send an update that it's now called Law &Order - Criminal Intent.(LOL)  Its still the same as the original Law & Order in the legs, quality and count."
Rush - 7
Count - 8
Legs - 7

And a second review...
"This is a new stamp going around Williamsburg (Brookyln) . Its alright, but when snorted, it has a bit of a weird taste. The count is alright, powder is beige, a little flaky, and breaks up well."
Rush - 6
Count - 7
Legs - 5
--reader submission from Brooklyn (thanks K-Man!)

** Somehow this submission fell through a crack in my inbox--K-man sent it to me back in MAY and I just now realized it never got posted--Please forgive me, I'm supah sowwwwy! --Jynxie


STINGRAY (Paterson, NJ)

"This is one of the other best stamps around Paterson and has had many different names. Originally it was purple "boom". Then it was this purple "Stingray". Most recently a purple stamp called "GOYA" . All the same dope and all very good. Fat bags and good quality white d. Possibly better than bugatti? I go back and forth on which is better. Both very high quality and never a let down so don't hold back if you see this--you may even do 80% your regular dose and feel just as good."

--anon reader submission from Paterson, NJ

ed note: This submission also covered 2 other stamps: (Bugatti and 9 1/2) but it seems only the "Stingray" image attached correctly! To the person who submitted this review: PLEASE resend the images of the other 2 stamps and I'll post up the full reviews! In the meantime, THANKS MUCH!

OZONE (Lakewood, NJ)

"Here is a ticket called "OZONE" (2 pics enclosed)
These showed on the plate (scale) that they averaged 35-45 mg.'s each. Already off to a bad start....
These are from Lakewood, NJ and were a fair count for the brick, but the price was ridiculous, and the quality was absolutely utterly poor. Not one moment of enjoyment to be had, unless tolerance is beginning to rear it's ugly face.
Darker brown, bitter flaky and chunky pseudo-powder, tastes like the real thing, but didn't NOT even get the slightest buzz. I wonder if these were well prepared 'dummies'. I just don't know.... Avoid. Totally. "

R: n/a
C: 6
Q: 1

--reader submission from SoNJ (thanks Kev!)



"***[NOTE: below is direct eevidence of a nod while typing (lol)]***"

"Extra-nice packaging really jumps out at you. the "venom" label (including aagw...................................................s .....................................                          
somewhat lobstery-looking scorpion) isn't even a stamp, it's a roll of thin tape with the same picture on it over and over. it doubles as an insignia and a seal. very classy boys, i was starting to lose faith in your professionalism when i picked up "taxi" the other day. 

Anyway, pretty fat count though not totally uniform from bag to bag. seven or eight I'd say -- call it eight to be charitable. If you put it in your nose it's got a stingy/sweet taste that kind of reminds you of fruity pebbles. 

Definitely a jolt of mellow, maybe cut with benzos? either way, pretty nice, but with no iv cant really say for rush.

Too early to give an informed opinion on the legs, but i like where it's going at the moment -- seven's about right. in sum: some mighty fine dope, and the $80 tag makes it that much sweeter ~~ <((\o_0/))^"

rush - n/a
legs - 7
count - 7

"Update: two bags to the dome and noddin like a motherfucker after half an hour :-)"

--reader submission (thanks GG!)

August v/a Rundown (Camden, NJ): I-Dope/Bring A Friend/No Parking/USDA

"The following stamps are all from Camden, NJ and ALL of them are Philly-style Double-Seals, with the small square bags in an outer mini-ziploc bag. Good for keeping greedy hands from screwing with the cookie-jar. ;)
All stamps were weighed, net and gross, on a micro-gm scale, just for the hell of it! 
(And, to see how badly we are being ripped off....)"

"First up is a stamp named 'I-DOPE'. (2 pics)
Count is so-so, around 40-50 mg.'s each. A LONG way off from the "Industry Standard" of 1 point each. (A "point" is .1/g or 100mg.'s)
Quality was decent. Nice, grayish white soft powder. Acceptable potency. Nice nod after hoovering 3 of these rascals. "

R: n/a
C: 5
Q: 7

"Next up is a stamp called 'BRING A FRIEND'. 
Nice count (all things considered), around a half-point each (50mg.'s +/-) GREAT potency, and LONG-LASTING feel-good high and nod! Quite energetic, too, if I do say so myself. My favorite of this assortment."

R: n/a
C: 7
Q: 8

"Next up we have one I have encountered a few times called 'NO PARKING'. 
Count was very depressing for $10 per bag. Lucky if each bag had 25 to 35 mg.'s. Folks, this is UNACCEPTABLE!! That is a pathetic 1/3 of a POINT!! I mean, WTF?!?! Such GREED in Camden as of late, as well as numerous other unspeakable dramas....good grief!
Quality was GOOD, but not near that of BRING A FRIEND."

R: n/a
C: 3
Q: 6

"Finally, we have a rather unique Camden stamp. 'USDA' and Logo in red ink on a small white square bag.
These were the largest of the four, containing on average nearly 60-80 mg.'s each. Now, THATS more like it! 
This was some really nice, fluffy off-white powder, that hoovered very deliciously. A very gentle, and clean high, with an air of energy to it.
I really enjoyed these."

R: n/a
C: 8+
Q: 7+

Kev from SoJ out..... 

--Once again, many thanks to Kev for the stellar submission! xo jynxie

CANADA DRY/973 (Newark, NJ)

"Both of these are from Downtown Newark. Lately all the gear down there has been pretty trash but these two were a good change. The were a couple dollars above the average going price for gear in Newark but it was worth it. The count in each was awesome, though its hard to tell from these pics because I knocked it all to the bottom"

Legs: 8
Rush: 6 ( Wasn't anything too amazing, had a decent rush but the high lasted quite some time)
Count: 8

---reader submission from Newark, NJ (thanks MA)



Hey Junkies, your favorite girl E.V.E. here....

Presenting Venom, from the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area. I have to admit, I was really giddy when I saw this stamp, as a scorpion is the symbol of my astrological sign. Pretty good dope, not as good as Hellboy© (which is widely considered the best stamp Brooklyn currently has to offer) but a good alternative.

Rush - 6
Legs - 6
Count - 7
Overall - 6.5


9mm (Franklin, NJ)

9mm sourced from Franklin,NJ "..bags were a bit thin but definitely quality.."
--reader submission (thanks /m\)



Hello junkie delinquents, your girl EVE here...

I present TAXI, from the same crew who does Hellboy. Your average Brooklyn dope - you get a good nod going on & a pleasant rush, with a decent count. Basically, if it was a woman, it would be your girl-next-door; pretty enough to a turn a head or two, but not pretty enough to stop traffic.

UPDATE - I must have been high when I originally wrote this. This stuff sucks. Takes way too much to just get right, let alone high. UGH.

Unrelated, feel free to send posts, craziness, or whatever my way at eveandthesnake@gmail.com. Have at me!

Rush - 5
Legs- 5
Count - 6
Overall - 5



theTouristJunkie: Chicago IL

Minizip sourced from Chicago, IL., run on foil.
---reader submission (thanks \m/)


"El fuego." (ed.note: FIRE.)

--reader submission (anonymous)