Death sentence

Light beige powder with vinegar smell. Decent rush, nice fat count,only very,very,very little legs. It looks like stuff soaked in a lots of humidity lately and hydrolyzed. Anyhow there is something in it that lasts only minutes that's all. Very short acting stuff :)
Rush 5
Legs 0.0005 :) high lasts 15-20 minutes, then it is gone like it was never there.
Count 8


Kick ass

Just about Ok. Little rush, average legs, good count. Nothing amazing but does the job.
Rush 4
Legs 6
Count 7

We Taking Over

Horrible stuff loaded with benzos. Can't keep my eyes open after 2 bag shot. Almost no rush and little legs. Best avoided. Fucking benzos! :(
Rush 3
Legs 4
Count 7


Top Dog

Double sealed which is rare this days. All around decent stuff. Money well spent.
Rush 7
Legs 7
Count 7