THIS IS IT! The best stuff in months! First I didn't want to get it because it came in the same blue, narrow bags as "New Chapter" which was absolute garbage. Then I decided to give it a try.
Light beige powder with great vinegary smell, dissolves nicely into ice tea colored solution.
One bad shot got me feeling REAL nice! Two more got me fucked up! Get it while it still there and still this good! This will not last long...

Rush 8
Legs 8
Count 7

Arm & Hammer

This stuff is average. There are a few complains though. First it is sticks to the bag like crazy you have to scrape it off, appearance is wet and oily, solution is cloudy light beige and pain in the ass to draw. I needed like 3 filters to draw 2 bag shot.
Nice job on the stamp indeed!

Rush 5
Legs 6
Count 6


As of today, October 5, this stuff is FIRE !!! Yes, IT IS !!! Beautiful light beige powder with distinct smell of good quality heroin, it dissolves clear in seconds, in cold water, ice tea colored solution.
Great smooth rush, absolutely top legs (12 hrs. on average) and count of about 150 mg in each bag. Just good count, not fat-fat but as they say..."healthy" count. I leaves all the competition in the dust. Buns for $80 for this stuff is also an unbeatable proposition this days.
Great, great stuff...get it before it falls off and becomes mediocre (the same thing just happened with "Fugitive" that went down from fire to crap in like 90 days...) or even complete garbage.
Anything can (and will) happen in this business.

ARM & HAMMER (October 2010, New and improved)

Rush 9
Legs 9
Count 9

All around WINNER for "Best Dope", FALL 2010 !!! :)

Body Cure

Just Ok...nothing good but not garbage. Will do the job if you're sick but that's about all.
Legs are mediocre, count is good.

Rush 4
Legs 3
Count 7


Just for Kicks..

Hello dear Jynxies, Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! Its HOT out there. Please be careful!
Jynxie Tip of the Day: Humidity affecting the contents of your stash? Store your stamps in a ziplock bag of plain white rice. Even if the powder is a little chunky already this technique will suck out any additional moisture. When carrying on your person avoid damage from sweat by wrapping etc. in the square cellophane slid off a cigarette pack...