7/10 overall.. great rush and decent legs. Especially compared to the awful mess that has been flooding brooklyn this winter! Commenters have noted that this has an extra drowsiness to it as if its cut with benzos or something..
Either way Im hoping it sticks around for a bit!


Small count
More like 2 stars in swim's opinion. This source is a really sweet person but the product has been AWFUL for the past year. He persists, however, and constantly has samples of new things, doing his best to keep us happy. This is the best he's come up with in 6mos.. not total garbage.. a five spot will get swim well but not much more. The price is right though so if one is a little short this will do in a pinch.




6/10 count
7.5/10 overall"

*reader submission..thanks Mike



Overall much better than the crap that's been floating around.. Seems to me this is from the same supplier as LAST STOP. Untaped glassine individually sealed in plastic so if you pick this up otherwise it has been stepped on. Normally Id say this is 6/10 although compared to what's been of late its more like a 7 or 8. Happy Sunday Jynxies! Hope you're curled up with a wakeup, a cup of tea, and copy of the weekend paper! Its cooold outside brr!