BLUE PRINT 3 (Pittsburgh, PA)

 "I came across these this past week, as this is what has been going around. (I am in the Pittsburgh, PA area)"
Rush on these is a 7
Leg is a 6
Count is a 6
"Not the best around by far, but will do the trick, and will for sure take you off being sick. As always use caution, as everyone's tolerance is different...Thanks for taking my review."
--anonymous reader submission from Pittsburgh, PA--gracias

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Anonymous said...

Hey dude I used to cop daily in Pittsburgh, still here but I just stick to the sub's. When I stoped coppin it was cause street copping is insanely risky and quality was up n down. Good for u for gettin steady supply, hope u don't have t o go thru the stupid bullshit waiting games I went thru. Used to cop in pgh north side, ironic cause I go to school there now. Just wanted to say good luck man, glad to know there's good stuff in the burgh! Take care bro