LIGHTS OUT (North Carolina)

"First off I know the rules here are not to post any incriminating information however, I don't think it is too incriminating to simply state that I live in the state of North Carolina. The only reason I even mention this is that I know most people who post on this blog are in the NY/NJ/Philly area, so since the northeast is well represented on here I felt that the southeast should be too. I also know that not many people know that other areas than the northeast in the US get stamp bags as well, but that is all we ever get where I live. The pictures posted show the white Lights Out bags. This was the first batch of Lights Out and it was absolute fire. The count was large to say the least, these bags were fat as hell and filled with superb quality dope. The powder was an off-white, beige powder that had some paint-chip like flakes in it. Mixed up to a wonderful dark clear amber solution and left no residue on the spoon. Super strong, knockout rush sure to leave any experienced user on their ass, myself after only mostly 2 bag shots. I think this was also due to the bags being so fat. Anyways this was some of the best dope I've had in 2012 hands down."

Count: 10

Rush/Overall Quality: 9

Legs: 10 (a 2 bag shot in the morning had me fucked up all day long, or for at least a good 7-8 hours)

--reader submission from North Carolina (thanks DH)