"Hi I'm from Delaware. Here we have blue bags and I was lucky one time to get a Philly bag here that was white (and) filled double. The one that I am posting is called Monkey Shines and has a little monkey face on it. This is one of my fattest bags. I am a newer user that only snorts, eats**, or smokes the product and I have only been using for 6 months, but my tolerance has gone up. After reviewing all the posts here I have tried two of them which was thumbs up and Nike which were in blue bags. The stuff I got here makes me feel relaxed but also energetic in a way. I would rate it 8 out of 10"

--reader submission Delaware (thanks KJ)
**ed note: heroin has little-to-no bio-availability if taken orally. it's basically a waste to eat it! 
In the meantime, please be careful and always do a test dose with new product
You can always do more but you can never do less!


007 (Upstate Edition)

"Purchased in Upstate NY...(January 2013) ladies and gentlemen, 007! This has no "secret agent" in it... but it is definitely good product. Great quality and FAT bags! Almost 2 whole bags in one, therefore it is 20 bucks per bag individually. It is pricey but worth it! Rocky, beige, and delicious! Mixes well and lasts a while."

Rush 8
Count 7
legs 8

--reader submission from NYS--thanks son!

PITTSBURGH v/a Rundown early 2013...

**From Left To Right In Attached Image, the one above is a duplicate, but the 3 on the lower row are a separate stamp**

: Pittsburgh, PA
Stamp: Max Payne
Rush: 6
Count: 7
Legs: 7

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Stamp: Girls
Rush: 5.5
Count: 8
Legs: 6

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Stamp: JOJ with a Red Smiley Face
Rush: 7
Count: 5
Legs: 7

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Stamp: Athletic
Rush: 7
Count: 5
Legs: 7

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Stamp: Take It Over
Rush: 8
Count: 8
Legs: 8

"This is another post for the Pittsburgh users, as I haven't seen one in a while. I got a variety at my disposal so I figure I would put them all in one review as there are many brands currently in circulation and it's always good to know the subtle differences, because that's what it is with these stamps.
None of it is necessarily bad, but there are standout stamps amongst them.

They're all pretty much the same gear but the Max Paynes and Girls don't really give you a rush. I think it has something to do with the cut used, as it is slightly more tan than the other 3. The count is decent enough to outweigh most of the negativity from that, so they're worth the cop if you can't find one of the coming stamps.

The JOJ's are a new one to me as of this week, they are the same gear as the Max Paynes and the Girls but it is less cut and it gave me a much nicer rush and lasted a tad bit longer, but the sized varied greatly, (some were very large, going up over the first fold, and then others would be barely passing as buyable in my opinion).

The Athletics have been going around for a while now and they're a solid choice, almost identical to the Max Paynes but the rush was slightly better but there was less quantity.

Finally, there is the current cream of the crop, the Take It Overs, and boy are they winning my opinion as being the best bags in a few months. They are all fat, they gave me the most intense rush I've gotten since before Christmas, (there was a bunch of brown dope going around that left sandy particles in my spoon and it was generally garbage and only for people who can't deal with dope sickness  and absolutely need it), and not only was the rush intense, but it lasted VERY long, with a very intense euphoric high that followed into a beautiful nod. If you can get them, (Take It Overs), I highly suggest picking them up because once the word is out these babies are gonna get gobbled up!

Fantastic blog you have going on here, you've definitely got a fan for it's remaining lifespan!"

--reader submission PITTSBURGH, PA (thanks A.S.)