Average Count
Good stuff! Thick and solid. These come sealed in individual plastic wrappers. Great for preserving the integrity of your shady middleman but annoying when trying to quickly take care of business in the restroom at Chateau McDonalds. Oh well.


Quality varies greatly by batch unfortunately.. but when its good it is GOOD! Source reasons that the price makes up for the small count which swim generally agrees.
Only real criticism is the varied quality. Worth it most of the time..

Jan 2010--BAD again.. :( Im done with this connect..bummer cus hes always avilable and really sweet but the quality varies from "OK" to "AWWWWFUUULL" Ugh.

Economic Stimulus 2009

My dog spent $30,000 self-medicating this year..here are the tops of bags he saves. (approx 50-100 per bundle as shown.) Ugh. The shelter totally failed to mention this extra little expense of pet ownership when I was filling out the adoption papers..