This is another bag that is not stamped but printed on. Lovely little panda crisply printed on the bag. Dope was decent. Nice beige powder. Average all around. No longer around though, connect has other stamps now.

Rush 5
Count 5
Legs 5


This is garbage. Lots of fluffy white powder in the bags with strong smell of mannitol. That's because that powder is 95% that, mannitol !!!
If you are sick, two bags may just barely take the edge off, forget of getting high, or even getting straight. Stay away from it.

Rush none
Count 8 (but who care when it is all cut)
Legs 2-3 hours if you lucky!


Cool name!!! This is some smart stamp! It is pretty good! Nice count, stuff has beautiful ice tea color and mixes perfectly clear. Average rush, good legs and decent size bags. Worth the money!
(when I got it first time the bags were REALLY tiny, but next few times they got decent)

Rush 5
Count 6
Legs 6


"No Mercy" has nicely printed sticker instead of tape and comes from the same family like "Gucci" and "Arab Money". Problem with this stuff that this is VERY,VERY,VERY weak stuff. Almost borders on waste of money. I only get it in absolute emergency and even then when you are deadly sick two bag shot just barely get you straight! Sad because "Arab Money" was the best dope I ever tried...but that was in 2007 or so. Since then this crew puts out horrific near garbage!

Rush eh...I cant really detect any.
Count 7 but who cares...
Legs 4-6 hours, tops!


Finally!!! The stamp named after famous Bugsy Siegel, gangster that was from my hood Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stamp has Bugsy's trademark fedora hat on it. Bag had usual in brooklyn this days tiny white spots. Dope by all means average too. Mixes nice clear light yellow with no residue.

Rush 5
Count 6-7
Legs 5


This is another bag that is not stamped but factory printed on. "Pink Panther" image and tiny text goes all along the bag in lovely (you guess) pink color.
The dope is just about average. VERY nicely filled bags. Only complain that this stuff has some really strong benzo added to it (Xanax most likely) and it makes you really,really difficult to keep your eyes open even after two bags shot!!! can be super dangerous when you drive! So be careful!!!

Rush 4
Count 9-10
Legs 6



Rush: 6
Count: 7
Legs: 5

Stamp: Purple - HAITI same (source/product) that's in red print Taliban, black print Death End (with 3 little upside down crosses underneath the words), and purple print Lamborghini with a stamp of a lambo above the words)
 "Mixes clear, strong pins 'n' needles rush, only last an hour or two compared to other stuff I've recently had, but there was enough in this bag for 2 shots, and I have a decent tolerance. White and flaky, with some small rock-like chunks that required chopping/smashing to dissolve thoroughly, most likely a fentanyl based (ed. note, cut) diacetylmorphine, which is more common here than the brown morphine based diacetylmorphine.
Also smokes well, I always take a toot to try the strength, one small hit was enough for me to feel minor effects. Some of this batch, specifically the Death Ends, are cut with miniscule amounts of crack/cocaine, but I've only copped them once or twice in the last week that had it in it. I could tell because when the bag was licked, it would give that hardcore vicodin/opiate taste dope has, but it also tasted slightly of kerosene and made my tongue numb.
Smoking it also further proved this theory, as I felt the small effects of a stimulant immediately, while the opiate high was coming up. It is not enough to speedball, unless you do a large amount at once, so I advise caution."
--reader submission PITTSBURGH, PA


LV (Louis Vuitton)--update

Legs: 6

Rush: 7
Count: 7

"The (original) stamped Louis Vuitton's are no more---instead, they've been replaced with a white glassine bag and white tape- the logo appears to be printed on the tape. Not quite as good as the older stamped Vuittons.."

--anonymous reader submission from Brooklyn