There has been sooo much crap floating around this winter. Mostly it is just weak ass gear but when dealers start cutting their shit with dangerous additives we need to look out for one another.

"I want to warn everyone about this stuff called "100%" it is from uptown, Washington heights area, but also made it to different parts of Brooklyn. This "100%" was Ok back in the summer then gradually became worse and ended up being pretty much garbage. Lately there is new development, whoever pushes it is filling bags with this dark brown looking powder with wierd smell, it dissolves into scary REDDISH solution and not only it doesn't make you high at all it also makes you violently sick!!! Fever,shakes,nasty clouded mental state, the whole nine yards!!! It is been like this for a few months and seller(s) try to say that it has been changed a few times, but it is still the same awfull stuff. Be VERY careful about this "100%" stuff it will make you terribly,terribly sick! Stay away from it and don't get it at ANY price."

*reader submission
note: Jynxie created this image in photoshop..she isnt sure what the actual stamp looks like but this is a guess..if commenter would like to submit an image please feel free! THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP!