Here we go again... Something to run as fast as you can when you hear of or see the stamp.
SLOWBUCKS !!! As soon as you smell this stuff you can tell its fake. Good fake, they try to make powder look like dope very hard, it has nice beige color and kind of almost vinegar smell. But in reality it anything (I wonder what is it?) but dope. This stuff WILL NOT do anything. Don't even try, don't waste your money.*

* I was given two as a sample with all the talk and praise of it being "fire" and such!


Return of legendary stamp was initially marked with vengeance but it soon became complete crap
that gave you horrible benzo like nod and dry mouth with headache to top.Very chemical-like odor of the powder didn't help much. As usually happens it turned from initial introduction great stuff to total garbage.

Rush 3
Count 4
legs 5

Update as of 12/30/12
NEW and IMPROVED batch of ILL GRILL just arrived !!!
It still retains faint chemical smell and makes you very sleepy but overall not as horrific.
Just OK, average stuff now.

rush 4
count 4
legs 4


From the company that brought us "CSI" and "Big Bang Theory" comes...well quite mediocre Brooklyn
dope. This stuff surprise you initially with a bit of a quality rush then vanishes completely and leaves you with sleepiness and headache. Weird chemical smell and yellowish grey color of solution complete the picture.
Don't...only if absolutely necessary!

Rush 6 but strange one...
Count 5
Legs 3


Below average Brooklyn stuff, nothing to write about, just barely makes you feel straight.
Best to be avoided.

Rush 2 ?
Count 6
Legs 2


Misc. Newark Reviews (no pics--boo!)

Breaking News
- White Glassine with Red Print
Extremely strong and great rush. Lasts for quite a while, the count is substantial. Light Tan mixes up to a golden brown. Copped in South Ward in Newark.

- White glassine with White House Image and "President" Stamped in red. 
Decent Rush and lasting high. Count is pretty standard. Light Tan that mixes up into a dark brown. Gotta take the time to mix it,if you don't it doesn't all dissolve. Not a bad batch at all, been all over the place in South and West Ward in Newark.

We The Party
- White Bags stamped green. Somewhat hard to read.
Strong onset of the rush, doesn't last long though. NIce lasting lingering high though. Somewhat weak count. Literally ALL over the place, got while on vacation in ROCHESTER, NY and NEWARK, NJ. 

-White Glassine with Red Print. Kind of Sloppy
Long lasting rush and Long Legs. Weak Count, but strength makes up for it. Definitely a fan favorite. Legs are real good, keeps me nice long after the last shot.

--reader submissions from NJ: Thanks ek

COCAINE (blue cap vial)

"First time reviewer, long time reader.  I am friends with a few of the posters/readers so I thought I'd share!  I was always reading the blog on my phone and never saw the email address to send entries, so I should be contributing every so often now. My post is long, if you want to shorten it I will not take offense :)

Also, I'm not sure if this belongs here so you can decide to put it or not. (ed. note: why not..lots of speedball fans out there.:D)

North Brooklyn, December '12

A long standing delivery service has extraordinary vials of powder c!  They are the tiny vials but are packed very dense with what must be at least a gram of some of the best quality I have ever tried.  Very Strong, yet clean. Dissolves like spring water for IVers and very easy on the nose.  I highly recommend!!"

Thanks for keeping this blog running all these years!!"

--reader submission from Brooklyn: Thanks JR!



"This is from source of another legend type stamp in Bk called Empire.  Some people call these bags clowns and some call them Skulls, which can be confusing bc there is another stamp from this source that is a skull in cross bones that also gets called skulls.  So to keep it simple I call this clowns and the other Skulls.  Apparently Empire/skulls/clowns is all the same product and they just switch up the stamp at times.  It is consistently great product that i can't imagine someone having complaints about. The only negative I can think of is the count can be very small in some of the bags. I gave it a 4 count rating not bc they are all small, most of them are average, but one or two out of the bun will be tiny. Still you will get more bang for your buck with this vs 90% of what else is out there.

I heard a rumor that they released ill grill, which is a stamp that used to come and go but has not been seen in years. Supposedly it is the best thing around right now. Even better than it's cousin stamps."

--reader submission from Brooklyn: Thanks JR