April v/a Rundown: PATERSON, NJ

Marilyn Monroe 
rush 7
legs 7
count 7

You're Invite
rush 5
legs 5
count 5

rush 8  
legs 7  
count 7

rush 7  
legs 6  
count 8
---reader submission Paterson, NJ (thanks Budz!)


NARCAN/Naloxone Distribution Programs SAVE LIVES!

   Every opiate user, whether hardened addict or recreational "chipper" should be educated of the risks involved with using their drug of choice, including that of overdose. Those of us in "the life" long enough will undoubtedly be touched personally by it, if not numerous times, and quite often with tragic results. 
    Over the years I have heard some pretty absurd junkie-tales regarding how to respond to an OD--from cold showers to forcefeeding milk and even sticking icecubes up the ass..*facepalm*
If you have ever had the misfortune of calling EMS for someone else you most likely witnessed at least some of the process of reviving the patient; from intubation to induction of the powerful opiate antagonist naloxone. If you, yourself made the mistake of underestimating potency and found yourself on the gurney you surely remember the feeling of waking up in a violent state of post-acute withdrawal. Shitty, eh? (Not as shitty as dead, however..)
    Recently, programs have been popping up in cities across the US and Canada that offer take-home emergency Narcan kits free to users already accessing services such as needle exchanges and methadone clinics without a prescription. These kits include either single use ampules for IM administration or in preloaded nasal spray dispensers.

Check out this link to see if there is a site/service near you!

This has been a Harm Reduction post.
(Thanks to the commenter who suggested it!)  



"As for the hot bars..
rush 8
legs 7
count 7

Definitely better than the Gucci's ever so slightly, and the price is right and I think I should be able to cop them again sometime in the next few days when i get the money for a bun, the Hot Bars are gonna be my go to shit right now cause its either these, the Guccis, or 2 different types of blue blanks, and the hot bars are the best IMO as long as you're buying a bundle or more cause the price is most definitely reasonable on that shit, the hot bar's are pretty close in price if you're coppin a bundle to what good bags (eg. the redsox, renegades, etc.) cost before the police started raiding people and the hot bars are most definitely right, strong rush off them and they aint skimpy or anything. Grey powder. Cooks up clean, everything dissolves up, just like dope should be."

--reader submission from PA (thanks TRL)

GUCCI (2/3) (York, PA)

ed. note: Here we have two reader submissions from York, PA of the stamp GUCCI. (Different than the 2011 Brooklyn version) I'm including both reviews and shots in the same post. Cheers guys!

"These bags came from the same person that had the "three musketeers" that I sent in earlier last week. There was nothing around and my friend knew these were around, so I picked them up. I was pleasantly surprised!!  Love when that happens. I picked up two bundles, came back, shot 8 and got a nice rush from it.   As soon as I let the tourniquet fly it hit and put a smile on my face at the same time.
R: 7
L: 7
C: 7

A good purchase."

--reader submission from PA (thanks L)

(Gucci)same exact dope as the last 3 musketeers, just came out last weekend (or at least thats when my man told me, "Now i'm gonna have Gucci's no more 3 musketeers, that stamps dead.")
The Gucci's, i'd say"
rush 7
legs 6.5?
count 6.75

yeah kinda random.
(They) are most definitely not shitty bags by any means but they're nothing special either, I remember months ago when the Renegades and the Redsox bags were around you could cop bags just as good as the Guccis for cheap as shit easy as fuck all day (or at least i could), but the Gucci's my man's pricing on em is a little fucked so thats my main gripe. 

I'm not nearly as hardcore as the other dude from york..

--reader submission from PA (thanks TRL)



    "Yo man i'm in york too, i've been coppin these for like the last 3 weeks. They're the most reliable shits i can find, (but) they cost more than i'd like them to as since they started poppin everyone i cant get good bags as easy as i could.
  My guy told me these are from the same people as the redsox bags that went around like a few months ago.
  Only other stamps i can find around here are these and murders and the murders aint shit, these are better. (and) Damn son, (re:previous poster) how the FUCK you do 15 at a time? i need like 4 of these to get good, maybe 5 to get me real fucked.
  Jynxie if you want you can post some of my pics of these bags??? Idk how to get at you lol (ed note: email submissions to littlesnappingturtle @ gmail.com)
  Heres the pics i've got from the last few weeks with these same bags. You can see like how full they are in my pics and i got a pic of 3 or 4 in the works, idk. lot of blue blank bags goin around york city atm and they vary in quality from pretty good (for around here) to shitty.

Jynxie, i'll start postin up reports if i find anything else around here. 
 Happy as shit to see York bags on here for real."

---Reader submission via comments (York, PA)


LETS GO (Philly/York, PA)

"Here are some bags that are obviously from the Philly / NJ area. I copped them in town here in York from a good friend of mine. At first I honestly had low hopes for these but they're OK. It's not fire, but its not bad either. It's got the typical Philly dope smell to it when you water it down, it mixes clear amber like most dope from Philly. For whatever reason, this shit burns when it enters any vein. I've got a few spots left that I consider my "main streets", and in all of them this shit burns. Once the onset happens though, the rush builds up slowly and peaks within a few seconds, from the feet to the head. It's a mellow rush; competitive to listening to the song Heroin by The Velvet Underground. In all I would buy this dope again, but only if there was nothing else around that was better and cheaper. I payed more than usual for this stuff and I'm never happy when I have to spend more than normal...until I'm nodding that is."
R: 6; 

L: 7; 
C: 7. About average.

--reader submission from PA (thanks L!)


"I copped these off a friend of mine because there was nothing else around that day. I had heard of these before and I had tried the first incarnation of these of the same name, but they were nothing special. I didn't have high hopes for these and I still don't haha. The solution dissolves into a clear light yellow almost golden liquid, and it requires cooking. I am a believer in cooking all gear regardless, but for this its a must. After drawing it up, there is some what looks like salt still left in the spoon. Not much but you can definitely see it. The rush is below average. One time I made a 15-bagger-dagger in hopes that I would grab descent rush, but it was the same. The rush is the same regardless of if you shoot 5 or 15. I did get a nod going and it came with the typical nod-life of wake up, nod. Wake up, nod. Get drink, smoke cigarette, nod. The price was average and in all, I would buy these again if there wasn't  anything else around. They don't last a very long time, but about 5 hrs.

L: 5; 
C: 6 about average. 
I'm a dangerous person when it comes to this kind of dope. I want my head to explode when I do it."

--reader submission from PA (thanks L!)

FATBOY (Philly/Lancaster, PA)

"Here is some stuff I copped from a friend in Lancaster PA (city). To make a long story short; I never am thrilled when I have to get stuff from Lancaster, and the primary reason is because of the quantity; it's always small. These bags were out of the ordinary though, as the count was more than what is usually seen in Lancaster. Coming in red glassine envelopes is always something out of the ordinary, as most bags are typically blue or white.
Like most gear from Lancaster, this screams Philadelphia; double sealed and smaller envelopes. It mixes into the typical clear amber.  I have a pretty fierce habit, so I made an 8-bagger-dagger and tied off to find a vein. Once one was found it was blast off time. The rush came within a few seconds of releasing my tie and it wasn't anything special. Not the exploding head feeling I love, it was more of a typical flood of dopamine to their receptors. I did start to nod a few times and with one hour I was completely asleep. These bags are more reminiscent of benzos than heroin, but I digress; they're average dope.

R: 5; 
L: 6; 
C: 5. 

Not a bad score but I like fire. I want my head to explode when I shoot 8 bags. My normal shot is between 8-10 bags and I expect to nod like crazy not fall asleep entirely. But not bad. I paid 10$ more a bundle for these than usual. In all...not bad. Above Typical Lancaster-esq dope."

--reader submission from PA (Thanks L!)