"This stamp is called Sons of Anarchy. (It's a) pretty dope stamp and the quality matches. This comes from the BK/queens border near Bushwick and Ridgewood. Dope is a light tan color and it has that nice vinegar smell that good D usually has. Bags are always very good count and probably the best stuff I've gotten lately. 80/bun."

Legs- 8

--Reader submission from Brooklyn (thanks L!)

Note from Jynxie: Conscientious contributor L.  also forwarded along a couple links to warn users about potentially dangerous product making the rounds in NY and PA markets...

  "Hey, I came across this article and seeing as how the blog is for harm prevention I figured you could post this article for the readers to be aware." --Link to CNN story about Fentanyl laced Heroin in the Pittsburgh, PA area HERE

"Also, in NY a stamp called 24K is (reportedly) being laced with Fentanyl and Metamizole and has caused a few deaths in Nassau county." --Read Newsday article HERE.

EITER (Paterson. NJ)

"Picked up 3 bundles of this today and I'm pretty disappointed. Tiny bags and weak. I know my tolerance is getting up there (I sniff and occasionally plug) but my boys who shoot also said this this a pretty weak batch. Got a quick rush from plugging 3 but it didn't last and I ended up snorting the rest of a bundle. Finally feeling some nods but not near where I wanna be."
R (plugged)/C/L: 3's across the board. 
  ---anonymous reader submission from Paterson, NJ (thanks!)


TUNA FISH (Paterson, NJ)

Rush is almost immediate when snorted. 
Count/Size good weighs in at just under .1g 
Legs/High doesn't last too long though.
I'd put it at a 7 or so (overall)..
--anonymous reader submission from Paterson, NJ (thanks!)

MICKEY (Newark, NJ)

MICKEY (red)
"This stuff is crap. Snorted a bag and literally felt nothing. Snorted another and still nothing. Snorted 5 and barely anything. My tolerance is not that bad that I shouldn't be getting nothing off of 5 bags!  
(At the time all I usually needed was 3)
It also tasted like ammonia so whatever it was cut with was pretty nasty.
Waste of time and money would not recommend to anyone!"

--anonymous reader submission from Newark, NJ (thanks!)


LACOSTE (Trenton, NJ)


"Sourced in Trenton for $40 as always. Good quality dope but nothing special. A couple of the bags were blank but definitely the same stuff. I've been getting the blue Worldwide printed bags in the same area, which are better, but I will say these bags are fuller."

--reader submission from Trenton--thanks Broom!


This stamp comes from a high end, extremely reliable delivery service in W'burg.

"These guys have always had top notch product, but this is package is hands down the best dope I have ever come across. Very fluffy, with a STRONG taste and a lovely off white / light gray color... all of which pointed towards me being in for a treat, but my first sampling *STILL* knocked my socks off and had my nodding out like it was my first time!

I do not IV but I do have a pretty decent tolerance for a sniffer (10 bags daily for the last 2-3 years) If you IV or are just getting into dope, PLEASE be careful with this one - I am not playing about how strong it is!"

Rush: NA (comes on almost immediately when snorted)
Count: 7
Legs: 9 

--anon reader submission from Brooklyn--thanks!


"These are very good, but fall short of excellent due to count. Each stamp was slightly less then full but the quality is excellent. The great words I have from this is the consistency between batches. Prior stamp was "Under Cover" (I can't remember the one before that..) and the quality remains consistent, but this set is definitely lighter than priors."
R: 8
L: 7
C: 5
 --reader submission from Newark--thanks DieselGoods!

Paterson/New Brunswick, NJ v/a CVS/Knockout/GOOGLE/Netflix/WANTED

R 7
L 7.5
C 6
R 6.5
L 8
C 6
R 5.5
L 6.5
C 6
R/L/C: 8`s across the board..really nice!

"All of the other stamps I'm sending you are from Paterson, as always. This is one is from New Brunswick. (Double the price too..)"
R 8
L 9
C 5
 --anon reader submission submission from NJ--thanks!


Copped in Williamsburg, BK...

Best product I have come across in the neighborhood in a while! This connect was formerly slingin' something called "Public Enemy #1" for some time which wasn't terrible but this is far superior. No name or letter on the bag, just an image of an Ace of Hearts (which) I suspect is pre-printed (ie not stamped).
A bit pricey at $100/bun, but a very consistent product nonetheless.
I only sniff so I can't comment on rush but otherwise..
Count: 7
Legs: 6.5
Overall Quality: a solid 7.5

--reader submission from Brooklyn (thanks Avon!)

NY TIMES (Paterson, NJ)

"The worst dope I've ever bought. Made me and my friend sick as hell! Don't Buy!!"
L: 2

 --reader submission from Paterson, NJ
///Please use caution if you encounter this stamp--especially IV users!///