theJunkieTourist: Coast-to-Coast feat. JUNGLE GOLD/TONY MONTANA

"Awesome blog, I just stumbled upon it today.  I used to travel the world, and unfortunately, I didn't think to take pictures of the things that I copped outside of the USA (I am a master of the cold copp; no matter what I go); (ed note: you rock!) but, I did decide many months ago start taking pics of what I copped in the states.  So here is my blog entry for your blog.  
Not all of this is about the stamp on the bag, only one is really... but I thought it would be cool to show things from all over the states that I have picked up.  Enjoy!"
 This was from the very first time that I copped in THE roughest neighborhood in Atlanta - (The Bluffs) unreal.  I lucked out though, because the first person that I came across was a legit straight up motherfucker, and he turned me on to some of the best shit I have ever had.  What you are looking at is 1g straight off of the Kilo.  The story goes like this - I was on a business trip, need stuff, knew a certain area was notorious for it, went there, and made a ton of friends.  They took me a to a stash house/safe house where there were literally many kilos sitting out in the open.  I got to take a chunk off the brick of my choosing, so I chose the one they said was from columbia.  It didn't disappoint.  I'm a very heavy user - roughly about 3-5 grams a day, and this gram had me walking around my hotel not knowing where my room was.  Insane.  It was probably the purest I've ever had, as I only needed to do roughly the size of a pea.  As I said, straight off the key.  Count: N/A; Legs: 9; Rush; 10
 This was from the same connect in ATL - but it was from a different country and a different trip to ATL.  This is some nice dark stone from Italy, and just like Italian food, this was magnificent.  It took forever to break down it was so dense, but it was awesome: Count: N/A; Legs: 9; Rush: 9

So I was in Dallas TX and I knew there was some good BTH around because Dallas is known for it's tar.  Tar is quite a different animal, and this was the very first time I had ever done it.  I wasn't sure where to go, so I drove around until I found a homeless man named Drew holding a cup at a busy highway intersection.  I put my window down (wearing a suit and tie) and said "You know where to get tar?"  His reply was "yep".  "GET IN".  He took me to a sale house and we went around back.  5 Mins later we were on our way out with 2grams of some gritty but fire tar.  1g for me, 1g for him.  I was feeling generous plus he was cool as shit.  I went to him every day while I was down there and gave him money for food.  This was intense shit.  For those of you who have never done tar, it's comparable to powder and sometimes even better.  The rush is NEVER as good as powder, but that doesn't matter.  I've nodded harder on BTH than I've ever nodded on powder - it's a creeper I've found.  There is a rush, but it's not the pins and needles, heads about to explode rush you expect with good powder from the northeast.  My first dance with black tar was awesome.  I was staying in a luxury hotel, so I would get high and go swim/nod in the pool outside every evening after work.  Count: N/A; Legs: 8; Rush: 5

This was a time I spent in the fishermans wharf area of San Francisco.  In case you don't know, San Francisco is probably the easiest place to score dope.  You have to be fucking retarded to not be able to find it.  All you need to do is walk anywhere in the tenderloin and you'll have people trying to sell you all kinds of shit.  This was my first copp off a connect I made while I was out there.  The top is just regular Chiva (that's what they call tar out there).  I didn't get high, but it made me well.  The shit on the bottom is a WHOLE different animal.  It's called Gun Powder, and you'll notice that it looks quite like fuckin wet dirt.  When I mixed it up, it looked milky; until I put fire to it.  Once I put fire to it, it turned a golden amber, and from there it was on like donkey kong.  This was 1 gram of gun powder - something I had never heard of before.  Before I left I remember my connect telling me to not do all of it, do half.  I forgot.  I did all of it, and boy was I in for a killer fuckin rush.  This stuff is killer intense.  I hallucinated for a few seconds after I shot it that's hot intense.  If you ever goto SFO, ask for gun powder.  it's the best you'll find in San Fran. Chiva: no rating,  sucked.  Gun Powder: N/A;9; 10
This was from another trip to San Francisco where I made another connect and proceeded to take the CALtrain into SFO every day and buy crazy amounts of dope, take it back to my hotel room and somehow manage to do it all in one night.  The next few photos are all from the same trip, different nights.  This picture is 5g of FIRE black tar.  When I say fire, I mean fire.  For those of you who have been to San Francisco, usually you'll end up getting the shit from the picture above, Chiva.  Regular crap.  But when you make friends with a wholesale dude, you end up getting the best of the best.  I ended up buying 7g this night, and this was 5g after I did 2 already.  Rating: N/A; 8;8

This stuff was insane.  It was a really off yellow looking color, and I first I thought it was a stone from the road or something until I smelled it.  This was the first time that I had ever seen powder heroin in the West coast, and it was crazy good too.  I'm guessing SEA shit, because I've never done anything that looked like this, smelled like this, or was packaged like this.  It was basically in a 7g stone ball, really hard to break apart; needed to use a razor blade to saw pieces of it off.  Broke down really quickly once it hit water though.  It was so clean you could have used no cotton at all.  Rating: N/A; 9; 9
Yes, what you're looking at is 21 grams total of BTH.  the same stuff as above from the same visit, different day.  I decided I didn't want to go back to the city for a few days, so i bought 21 grams and called it a night.  Actually I called it 2 nights and then had to go back for more.  The more you have the more that you do.  Anyways, this is the same fire, just different quality.  Rating is above.  My connect was cool as shit, I know he misses my pockets.

Some bags from my home, York Pennsylvania.  This is the everyday normal stamp for me, and has been for the past 3 weeks or so now.  
 This stamp is called "Jungle Gold", and it used to be called "Dope Boys".  Before that it was called "Maybach".  Before that it was called "Soul Surfers".  Jungle Gold is awesome, out of all the stamps these have metamorphisized into, these are absolutely the best, and probably the best thing floating around York right now.  Very exclusive, however.  You wont find these on the streets; but that's how I like it.  The dope itself is almost greyish.  When you prep it, it turns a nice dark brown.  That same kind of dark brown that Mick Jagger likes.  I absolutely love these bags.  RATING: 9; 9; 9
The bags next to it are called Tony Montana, however there is no longer a stamp on the bags, but it is the same product/gear as the stamped bags.  even the same bags, just no stamp.  This is nothing to really write home about, and for that reason, I am limiting this post.  RATING: 6; 6; 6; the mark of the beast.

--reader submission York, PA..and no, THANK YOU! :)


"The stuff I get has always been from the same guy since I found him, and it can differ a little bit sometimes, but mostly stays the same. It is an average quality, because I do remember having better before from somewhere else in the city and the main reason I'm posting is mostly for the cool names and art which is definitely an extra advertisement/attraction. From these 3 kinds Seconds was the worst, and is probably why they threw in 3 extra unless he was just being nice? A bundle is usually 13 bags here in Delaware and the Seconds had 16 in it, and was buying two different bundles for $80 at the time and the other was better with only 13 in it. The picture is like drink/shake cup with a straw, I think. (ed note: I think its a stick of dynamite; as in "seconds to blow"..?)
 Ass Kicker seemed equally good as Dark Knight.  Hope you all like this post, -K"

--reader submission from DE (thanks KJ)

X-MEN (blue)/BATMAN (green)--Atlantic City, NJ

The following would be my review of said products(50 bags bought total @ $250):

"Lime-Green 'Batman' logo acquired as 40 open-envelopes banded together at the top.
Size: Average 5.5/10
Strength: Very good 7.5/10
Overall: 7.5/10

"Blue 'X-Men' logo acquired as 10-bag bundle

Size: Good 6.5/10
Strength: Very good 8.0/10
Overall: 8.0/10

Please include this information with this submission ASAP.. 
The following "brands" are super-strong in this area right now. 
Those in this area who acquire the following stamps, should be cautious in use as they have been responsible for a small rash of OD's in the area:

Facedown (Black colored "body-outline" logo)
10.Star (Red star logo)
Scorpion (Skyblue scorpion logo)
Murder #1 (Red colored gun logo with a #1 in the handle)
Killa Season (Red colored gun logo)

Till the next package update! :)"

--reader submission from NJ (thanks Diving Horse!)

POWER 99 (Delaware)

"Power 99 is a popular local hip hop radio station in Philly but we also pick it up in Delaware. Can't say too much about this dope as I was so 'xannied up' I can't really remember... but my guy said it was a decent/good rush and and it held well..."
--reader submission from DE (thanks M) 

also its hard to make out but he added:

 "Wilmington, DE: Westside. Blue bag with the blue OVERDOSE stamp."
Quality 6


"This stamp is called "Law & Order". This stamp comes from the same guys that were doing Tapout, formerly Dr. Pepper formerly 7-UP. I sometimes see Tapout around, but it's not the same as it used to be and now all the guys who were selling Tapout are selling Law & Order. The bags are fat. Its beige, a little flaky and has the same "Benzo" taste that Tapout had. Though it burns a little bit after using for a prolonged period of time and is starting to really hurt my nose when sniffing, it's still pretty decent stuff."
Location: Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
Rush: 7
Count: 8.5
Legs: 7
-Reader Submission from Brooklyn - (K-Man)
(ed note: holy shit thanks for formatting--you're awesome!)


" Taster choice another fire stamp out of wilmington de  35$ for 13 bags...everything that's coming out of Wilmington since this summer is extremely good."

--reader submission from DE (thanks M)

BENTLEY (Delaware)

"This time my bag is called "Bentley" with a symbol.  There has been very little product in the bags which is disappointing..   Probably originally comes from PA or NYC."


--reader submission DE (thanks KJ)

WMD (Delaware)

" Here we have a bag of "WMD" straight fire from Delaware. This dope is straight ice tea in color an has an awesome rush and it holds.  Bags here are 5 dollars. A bun cost anywhere  between 35 an 50 for 13 nick size bags. Most business is done by phone or you can check out one of the open air markets ."

--reader submission from DE (thanks M)