"These where very nice, fat bags, nice quality and seems to last for a while too. wooty woot!"

(reader submission from PA--thanks A)


"Decent, average.. tasty rush"
size 5 
quality 6 

(reader submission from PA--thanks A)


"Seems like some of these bags had more cut than others, not bad though.."
size 5 
quality 4.5 

(reader submission from PA--thanks A)



Rush 6
Legs 8
Count 8

Very good stuff all around, plenty in bags, great legs.

Reader Pix o' Brix

(reader submission *thanks Chal')


"fairly average but nice for sure, i did 6 and was nice and high for a good 5 or 6 hours. i hear this comes out of jersey to us in PA."

(reader submission *thanks AA)



THIS IS IT! The best stuff in months! First I didn't want to get it because it came in the same blue, narrow bags as "New Chapter" which was absolute garbage. Then I decided to give it a try.
Light beige powder with great vinegary smell, dissolves nicely into ice tea colored solution.
One bad shot got me feeling REAL nice! Two more got me fucked up! Get it while it still there and still this good! This will not last long...

Rush 8
Legs 8
Count 7

Arm & Hammer

This stuff is average. There are a few complains though. First it is sticks to the bag like crazy you have to scrape it off, appearance is wet and oily, solution is cloudy light beige and pain in the ass to draw. I needed like 3 filters to draw 2 bag shot.
Nice job on the stamp indeed!

Rush 5
Legs 6
Count 6


As of today, October 5, this stuff is FIRE !!! Yes, IT IS !!! Beautiful light beige powder with distinct smell of good quality heroin, it dissolves clear in seconds, in cold water, ice tea colored solution.
Great smooth rush, absolutely top legs (12 hrs. on average) and count of about 150 mg in each bag. Just good count, not fat-fat but as they say..."healthy" count. I leaves all the competition in the dust. Buns for $80 for this stuff is also an unbeatable proposition this days.
Great, great stuff...get it before it falls off and becomes mediocre (the same thing just happened with "Fugitive" that went down from fire to crap in like 90 days...) or even complete garbage.
Anything can (and will) happen in this business.

ARM & HAMMER (October 2010, New and improved)

Rush 9
Legs 9
Count 9

All around WINNER for "Best Dope", FALL 2010 !!! :)

Body Cure

Just Ok...nothing good but not garbage. Will do the job if you're sick but that's about all.
Legs are mediocre, count is good.

Rush 4
Legs 3
Count 7


Just for Kicks..

Hello dear Jynxies, Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! Its HOT out there. Please be careful!
Jynxie Tip of the Day: Humidity affecting the contents of your stash? Store your stamps in a ziplock bag of plain white rice. Even if the powder is a little chunky already this technique will suck out any additional moisture. When carrying on your person avoid damage from sweat by wrapping etc. in the square cellophane slid off a cigarette pack... 



Strange cut.. almost like a touch of coke included.
Otherwise decent stuff and worth the $ especially since more reliable stamps have been falling off a bit lately.. (ie Target, anyone..?)
Rush 8/10
Legs 5/10
Overall a 7-8.. go figure



This was by every mean the biggest disappointment in a long while. I was raging mad! Well let me explain...I got the whole bundle of this stuff ($80). Bags were rather small, some even VERY small. Inside there was yellowish colored powder with unusual chemical smell that I can not pinpoint but it wasn't usual vinegary smell of good dope.
Anyway the powder dissolved well with no heat into very cloudy (I mean you could not see trough the syringe if you put it in the sun) yellowish brown solution. All this raised enough alarms but I did a 3 bag shot. Results were: NO rush, weird taste/sensation at the tip of your tongue, feeling of mental cloud and slight buzzing feeling in the head. There was absolutely NO opiate effects (even after shooting 10 bags which I did in 20 minutes all I got is a sleepy state that equals perhaps taking a 2mg Xanax tablet!) and everything pointed towards some antidepressant maybe Seroquel (their tablets are yellowish brown) or such which is ground up and mixed with some cut.
So this was the biggest, saddest waste of eighty dollars that I can remember since that "Yankee" crap which was kind of alike this garbage.
Stay away as far as you can from this "Hunchback" crap, even bundle, oh hell 5 bundles will not produce any desired effect! This stuff IS NOT heroin!!! Thank God at least it seems to be safe and a bundle produced only mild form of sleepiness. And there is only that scary looking CLOUDY yellowish brown solution.

Rush 0 (zero)
Legs o (zero)
Count 3 (small to very small, if it matters)

P.S. By the way, after seventh or so bag I tasted the solution and it wasn't even bitter!!! (only very slightly bitter)


True Religion

Very little rush, no legs, average count. Crap!!!
Rush 2
Legs 1
Count 5


Stake Overs

This is "Final Destination" clone and it lives up to its brother name. Excellent all around especially compare to LOTS of shitty stuff out there. Good smooth rush, great legs and healthy count. Highly recommended, good quality stuff.

Rush 7
Legs 8
Count 7

Way To Go (#1)

Dark beige colored powder (sandy brown with dark specks, BAD sign!) that stuck to the bag terribly. I don't know if it is heat and humidity but this stuff was pretty caked up there. Small count and barely there rush pretty much describes it. Shitty dope... that's it. Don't bother. It will be almost waste of money!

Rush 3
Legs 3
Count 4


Best Out

"Best Out" is not best out but rather pretty mediocre dope. Lots of fine powder in the bag that smell of baby powder a bit but nothing scary. Dissolves clear, rush is...it's there but really nothing much, so is legs. Just average stuff...well below average. Don't get unless absolutely necessary. God, what's going on??? For every 10 stamps in Brooklyn only 2-3 are OK and the rest is total crap!!!
Rush 3
Legs 3
Count 8


Kick ass (2)

Very dark powder with vinegary smell. Nice count, dissolved clearly into ice tea colored solution,
Ok rush but the main problem that it did not last very long, legs are so-so too. Overall pretty good stuff but not fire.
Rush 6
Legs 4
Count 7


Death sentence

Light beige powder with vinegar smell. Decent rush, nice fat count,only very,very,very little legs. It looks like stuff soaked in a lots of humidity lately and hydrolyzed. Anyhow there is something in it that lasts only minutes that's all. Very short acting stuff :)
Rush 5
Legs 0.0005 :) high lasts 15-20 minutes, then it is gone like it was never there.
Count 8


Kick ass

Just about Ok. Little rush, average legs, good count. Nothing amazing but does the job.
Rush 4
Legs 6
Count 7

We Taking Over

Horrible stuff loaded with benzos. Can't keep my eyes open after 2 bag shot. Almost no rush and little legs. Best avoided. Fucking benzos! :(
Rush 3
Legs 4
Count 7


Top Dog

Double sealed which is rare this days. All around decent stuff. Money well spent.
Rush 7
Legs 7
Count 7


Final Destination

Finally!!! Something that actually worth the money. It gets top scores in every category.
Great smooth rush, legs for 12 hours solid and count that well above average. Dissolves clear with no heat, light ice tea color. Highly recommend it to everyone. Get it while it lasts!
Be careful however if you're inexperienced or been doing weak stuff (plenty of it around this days) this product can knock you on your ass easy! $80 a bun.
Rush 7
Legs 9
Count 9


I don't have a lot of love for this stuff since about a year ago it was total crap (almost poison)
Today for the lack of anything else I tried it. Well it is very,very,very weak stuff. Had no legs and non-existent rush, count I guess doesn't matter at this point. $10 a piece.
I'll give it 2 out 10 (just because it is real) Will not get it again EVER!

P.S. "Next Level" is the same source.


Black Label

Doesn't deserve ANY rating. Simply avoid at any cost
(or even no cost) Got 5 for $40 :)



Rush 3/10
Legs 3/10
BLAH, meh.. dont bother..


Dark beige powder with distinct dope smell, a bit small count.
Rush 6, Legs 7, Count 5
Pretty good product.
$80 a bun.
thanks A



This was random purchase because of total unavailability of something trusted like "9Lives" or "Target". I was very suspicious about this stuff. But thankfully it wasn't that bad (which I can not say about "VICTORY" it is complete garbage!)
Average rush,good legs,count is a bit small maybe 1/3 of nice bag. Overall it is
solid 7. Price is right too $70 a book. With so much crap now in Brooklyn it is
pretty decent product. I hope it will last sometime.
(reader submission)


Today I finally got myself to make that long awaiting trip to Newark. It took only 40 minutes from 34th street. I must say that I got the pretty reliable connect there. However when i called him from Newark Penn Station he said that he won't be around until like 8 pm. So I had about 2.5 hours to spare. I decided to visit infamous Pennington Court projects. Walking there was easy, one question from the local and I was on the way there. The neighborhood was NOT completely ghetto it was actually mix of Brazilians,Mexicans and Russians. Being Russian I had very good excuse for being there. When I made it there I was instantly approached by five touts very crack head/junkie looking types. Among the crowd was one or two genuine dealers that promptly gave me their numbers. However within minutes huge argument erupted who is serving me and that kind of stuff. First when i asked for stamp name tout told me it is "Tiger Woods" but when he disappeared into the projects for a minute and came back with the bundle of "Rush". Having very bad experience with "Rush" back in Brooklyn I said that i don't want it. He seemed a bit pissed but made another trip and came back with 6 bags of one kind and 4 bags of another. By this time situation was becoming a complete zoo and i decided to get out of there as fast as i can.
I said I will pay $80 and then there was another crack head/junkie tout  who said he can do it for $70, argument started to blow up, so not to attract police or any other unwanted attention i took my mixed bundle and left. As I was leaving tout had an audacity to ask me first for $10 and then for a bag. To what i said "NO WAY!" and he didn't object.
Before this trip knowing that Newark can be quite dangerous and stuff so to calm my nerves in the unknown territory I consumed 3mg of Klonopin. It made me very relaxed but also a bit disoriented and I have a tendency to pass out in very unpredictable situations. I run into light pole, nod out while crossing street, etc.
Klonopin in such amounts can be very dangerous since you cannot control when and how you will nod out.
So finally with my dope stashed well I walked into Newark Penn station. Oh God ! This terrible thing happen I happen to nod out while checking out arrival departure display board. Only for a second I thought. Next thing i know this burly cop grabs my arm and tells me to come with him... I will not go into details of unbelievable harassment and abuse NJ cops subjected me to, but at the end I was given citation for "loitering with purpose of obtaining illegal drugs" !!! In Newark Penn Station no less! I did not know they sell it right there, then I wouldn't go to Pennington Court for shit.
But anyway I thank God everything worked out fine since I have an unpaid fine in NJ from 2001, that constitutes warrant isn't it? I was already imagining myself in county jail and whole nine yards.
Now about dope. First mistake I think I made is buying from those numerous touts that hang around Pennington court. But then it is difficult to distinguish who is working for one of the dealers and who is just trying to make a quick couple of bucks.
Then from what I know Newark bags are $6 and they should be because the stuff I bought was EXTREMELY small (maybe about 1/4 New York bag). I think I should have waited for the dealer that i was given phone number of. I will never deal with hangers on, touts or any shady elements who hang out by the projects. I never do it in New York, ever!
Quality was also mediocre, so overall trip to Newark dope heaven was total disappointment. Abusive cops, shady people, small bags of lousy dope. What about that Newark fire everyone talks about??? Please...where did i go wrong?
(reader submission--thank you A)


   I took a chance on a book of this "Nation pride" and was not disappointed. Light brown powder that can be seen though bags was giving me hopes that it is in fact something decent (usually totally white stuff is not good). Anyway it dissolves clearly into weak tea colored solution and had nice dope smell.
 Count was a bit small, maybe 40% of what it should be. Now the review, after so much garbage and totally weak stuff flaoating around in Broolyn this was total surprise! "Official" like teenage dealer called it.
 I shot two and got awesome rush that kind of slowly (within a minute) reached you, then there was very strong nod, that strong that i almost runned into the light pole walking with my eyes half open. After second shot I could barely walk. This stuff is fire!  Once again real dope that is not cut with benzos or seraqil to make you zombi-like but only nice,clear opiate high.
I give it solid 8 all around, rush,legs,count (even though count is on the small side but quality makes up for it) Get it while it lasts!!! $80 a book.
(reader submission)


"9Lives" I finally got my hands on it. This is the best that Brooklyn has to offer. Beautiful light beige powder that dissolves clearly into cola colour. Well above average count, smooth rush, great legs and most importantly it made me nod out like crazy from one bag shot!!! I couldn't keep my eyes open and almost fell off the chair in the book store.
 Beginners beware this is by all means high quality stuff. Weekenders without tolerance can easily fall out from only one bag.
Finally some great real dope, that makes you nod without benzos and keeps you high for hours. I can give it solid 8 for rush, 8 for legs and 9 for count. Look for it because it will surely get stepped on mercilessly very soon. $90 a bundle.
I also need to mention that stamp is purple since there are fakes around.
(reader submission)

Curtainlifter's Adventures in Benzos etc..

It is rainy,cold and gloomy day. I have no money, there is no go dope around.
What can change this dipressing life of opiate addict? If only for an hour or so?
A friend of my wife from high school days visits from FL. Poor guy had terrible car accident a few years back. Now he travels with enormous zip-lock full of prescription mediction bottles. Last night I finally managed to check out those names (he left them on the night stand by the bed). Amoung of bunch of useless crap (high blood pressure, stomach acid reducer) there were only two that caught my attention:
Vicodin 7.5/750 ehh...useless stuff, unless you have absolutely NO tolerance to opiates it will not do anything to you. And shitloads of Tylenol in those (700mg) prevents you from taking a few to get a reasonable amount hydrocodone in your system. It is practically impossible to get opiate high from oral Vicodin, unless you total opiate naive individual.
 Klonopin (clonazepam) is great, it is only 0.5mg though so you need 2-3 of those suckers to feel a buzz. But it really works!!! After one hour of taking them there is incredible lightness of being like you are walking on the moon or something. Problem with those tolerance develops quckly and after only 2 days of using those you don't get the same effect. And after 4 days even five of those won't do shit. Also those Klonopins are long lasting benzodiazepines with 18-50 hours half life. So it is not as powerfull as XANAX but longer lasting. Effects also are very mild, you won't get that total amnesea where you don't recall shit from what had happened in the last 24 hours. That's what XANAX does to you.
April 26,2010
So I took a Vicodin (I have no idea why,I guess it was just there...) and 3 of 0.5mg Klonopins...in about 45 minutes I was extremely chilled out,walking with reduced gravity and a bit of a sleepy thoughts. I liked the feelings a lot and everything seem to entensify when i topped it up with a bag of "Target". Life is great...Klonopin is god.
XANAX horror
To tell you the true I hate benzos. Last time i had an expirience with benzos was at my friend's house in Riverdale,the Bronx (255st). I took ONE 2mg stick of XANAX,shot 2 bags of mediocre dope. Next things i remember: I ask bus driver in the Bronxs to let me in on the bus going to A/C train at 207st...he did. Then I am at the A/C train station asking this lady to swipe me in into the station (if she has unlimited card), she does.
NO memories of actual subway trip from Riverdale to Brooklyn, NONE !!!
Bit of flash memories of me walking in Brooklyn towards my house...
I open my eyes in bed, in my Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment 10 hours after I departed from Riverdale, The Bronx apartment of my buddy.
Nothing else, not small details, not big details are bring any light into what happened on that 10 mile, 2 hour trip. This is what just ONE 2mg XANAX stick can do to you!!!
Since then I will NOT touch XANAX under any circumstances.
picture: 0.5mg Klonopin

METHADONE (lol) :)

There comes the time in every opiate addict life when there is noting good to cop...
Or maybe you wish to take a necessary break from opiate dependency being this a new job, unexpected vocation with the relatives or simply "I need to chill out" situation after a bundle a day habit becomes too cumbersome.
In this difficult time nothing can deliver relief from daily anxiety of accruing and consuming illicit opiates like long lasting (up to 72 hours), inexpensive and widely accepted by therapeutic community...(RS)-6-(Dimethylamino)-4,4-diphenylheptan-3-one
also known as Methadone...
This miracle substance concocted by evil Nazi will relieve all your negative side effects of opiate withdrawal. Within 30 minutes of average 40mg dosage you will feel considerably better and in one hour it will make you a brand new man. Do not however over do it. Dosages of 30-40 mg a day is enough for 24 hours of very pleasant existence. Anything above that is plain greed. Infamous New York City jail Rikers Island used to give new inmates requiring detox 20mg (!) and everybody were happy with it, now they give ONLY 10mg and no one is crying in pain.
People who say that they still feel sick after taking 80mg (or more) are liars and should be given a Narcan shot as a lesson what it REALLY feels to be sick.
GOD Bless methadone, and America for making it legal and available.
And yes in countries like Russia methadone is in schedule I and illegal for any application as well as it is illegal to use ANY opiate/opioid for heroin detoxification. Health minister of Russian federation put it simply: "We don't give drugs to drug addicts."
So if you are to detox in Russia, cold turkey, rapid naltrexone detox (that cost $1500, huge sum of money in Russia), or some benzo assisted detox in a psych ward with total nutcases wondering around.
And by the way clandestinely produced methadone in a form of off-white/yellowish crystals cost $200-300 a gram in Russia. And even though IV injecting methadone produce very little or no rush, people seem to enjoy it, primarily for extremely long legs.


7UP was from 8straight family. Somehow it was a bit weaker but still really good stuff (especially by today's standards). Good rush, decent legs, above average count. It was worth the money but I still preferred 8straight. Overall 7 out of 10. Both of them disappeared around spring '09. Sad because they were two steady decent stamps.
$80 a book.
(reader submission)


DAYDREAM is from Top Shelf/Last Stop family. Double sealed for your protection. As for quality it was pretty much the same as its close cousins. Good solid stuff. Will give it 6 or 7 on any given day. Too bad that those days are over. It is nowhere to find since it vanished around February.
(reader submission)


12 ROUNDS was up and down like a carousel. One week it was fire, another it was so-so, then it slipped towards being total garbage. It all happen during summer/fall. If you caught it at its best it was worth every penny. Light brown powder,huge count,great rush and legs.
8 out of 10 easy. The worst? Did a 2 bags...felt NOTHING :(
(reader submission)

8 Straight

8straight was around for good while and was rarely disappointing. Good rush, legs were not too good, above average count. It was going up in down a lot in its 1-1.5 life ranging from great to OK. Overall pretty good stuff 7 out of 10. One gloomy spring day it vanished leaving great memories and bunch of empties behind my refrigerator. $80 a book
(reader submission)


Victory was around for a while until disappearing without the trace in the beginning of the winter. Overall it was very decent dope, light brown, chunky powder, good count. $80 a book.
It gave very good rush and had decent legs. Eventually it got a bit worse before vanishing into oblivion. 7 out of 10.
(Only a few days ago I sampled another Victory with different lettering in Bushwick it was VERY disappointing. Total garbage. Don't waste your money.It is CRAP)
(reader submission)


This was never good. Being a close cousin of infamous "100%" (or rather brother) this stuff can be outright poison that will make you sicker than you already are. At best it is very,very,very weak dope. It has little or almost no rush, hardly any legs. The only thing on "positive" side that count is above average, almost pure white, very fine powder that is not a good sign to begin with. And if powder is light to dark brown stay away from it as far as you can that brown shit will make you sick! I can't even rate this stuff at its best...2 maybe.
(reader submission)

Thumbs Up!

This is really weird stuff. I only get one of it from the dealer who lives two doors down and calls me at 7 am with "Do you need anything?" Usually at such early hour I am sickish and don't have a wake up so I gladly get one of those.
However stuff is very weak, with slight rush. Then there is escalating feeling of sleepiness that feels like benzos or some kind of antidepressants. Overall this stuff does the job but nothing more. And I don't like the sleepy state. Count is rather small and it has very little legs, in an hour or two you're back where you started. 3 out of 10
(reader submission)


This is really weird stuff. I only get one of it from the dealer who lives two doors down and calls me at 7 am with "Do you need anything?" Usually at such early hour I am sickish and don't have a wake up so I gladly get one of those.
However stuff is very weak, with slight rush. Then there is escalating feeling of sleepiness that feels like benzos or some kind of antidepressants. Overall this stuff does the job but nothing more. And I don't like the sleepy state. Count is rather small and it has very little legs, in an hour or two you're back where you started. 3 out of 10
(reader submission)


This is entirely different reincarnation of "Good & Plenty" Nothing like was reviewed before.
No jittery speed/MDMA feeling and stuff like this. Just average dope for average day.
Mediocre rush, Ok legs, count is a bit small. Does the job but nothing to write home about. Was acquired from this usually a bit shady source (once sold me a bag of complete garbage) for $80 a book because of complete absence of "Target" in the neighborhood. 5 out of 10. 
(reader submission)


After years of absolute delight "Arab money" provided this stuff replaced it.Once again instead of stamp there is bright orange sticker that doubles as tape. In the beginning "Gucci" lived up to its predecessor and was just about that great (maybe a bit weaker) Then within a month or two when I suspect old batch runned out it became absolute trash! Very sad because it is rarely happens to this supplier. Now all we have to do is wait for a batch change (that happens every 2-3 months or so) But as of today it is complete trash.
Non-existent rush, legs for a few hours, keeps you from being sick and that's about all.
3 out of 10.
(reader submission)


This was one of the best stuff I ever tried. Instead of stamp it had neat color sticker that doubled as a tape. "Arab money" was around for good two years from my steady supplier.
Great,awesome rush, legs that would "hold" you for 12 hours straight it was definition of dope the way it should be. Unfortunately something like this is getting more and more difficult to find. Solid 9 on rush and legs. Count is about average. $90 a book.
(reader submission thnks A)



Pretty average but once again with all the shit floating around these days it gets the job done..
Otherwise nothing to write home about..
Note: different animal than the original "brooklyns finest" with the black stamp..
The $'s annoy the shit out of me.. like that "Ke$ha" woman.. lol :)
Happy Easter Jynxies.. hope you have a successful egg hunt!




There has been sooo much crap floating around this winter. Mostly it is just weak ass gear but when dealers start cutting their shit with dangerous additives we need to look out for one another.

"I want to warn everyone about this stuff called "100%" it is from uptown, Washington heights area, but also made it to different parts of Brooklyn. This "100%" was Ok back in the summer then gradually became worse and ended up being pretty much garbage. Lately there is new development, whoever pushes it is filling bags with this dark brown looking powder with wierd smell, it dissolves into scary REDDISH solution and not only it doesn't make you high at all it also makes you violently sick!!! Fever,shakes,nasty clouded mental state, the whole nine yards!!! It is been like this for a few months and seller(s) try to say that it has been changed a few times, but it is still the same awfull stuff. Be VERY careful about this "100%" stuff it will make you terribly,terribly sick! Stay away from it and don't get it at ANY price."

*reader submission
note: Jynxie created this image in photoshop..she isnt sure what the actual stamp looks like but this is a guess..if commenter would like to submit an image please feel free! THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP!



7/10 overall.. great rush and decent legs. Especially compared to the awful mess that has been flooding brooklyn this winter! Commenters have noted that this has an extra drowsiness to it as if its cut with benzos or something..
Either way Im hoping it sticks around for a bit!


Small count
More like 2 stars in swim's opinion. This source is a really sweet person but the product has been AWFUL for the past year. He persists, however, and constantly has samples of new things, doing his best to keep us happy. This is the best he's come up with in 6mos.. not total garbage.. a five spot will get swim well but not much more. The price is right though so if one is a little short this will do in a pinch.