Atlantic City Digs, LOUIS VUITTON (3)/WAY TO GO #1(2)

Stamps from Atlantic City, NJ--Summer 2012

"I buy my stuff in Atlantic City, NJ and made a pickup today--(I still get so excited every time I make a pickup, even if I can't use for the rest of the week-ha!) I normally purchase anywhere from one to four "packages" as we call them which is 5 bundles/50 bags for me and for friends. The usual price for this is $300 but I acquired mine for $280/each this time for buying one package each of the attached bags, "Louis Vuitton" and "#1 Way to Go". I can only comment on weight for now as I will not be using these until Friday. #1WTG has a bit more then Louis Vuitton, with LV being rated at a 6 and #1WTG at a 7. These are normal ratings for stuff found here. The bags are usually what I would consider "light-ish" in weight but is usually pretty good. It's pretty rare that I end up with a package of bunk. I have been very impressed with AC junk as of late and can't wait to try these latest findings. The #1WTG I remember having several months back but I'll need to try it again as I don't remember much other then I remember not being terribly disappointed anyway."

--reader submission, NJ (thanks Diving Horse)


Count: 9
Quality: 8
Rush: 3

"This is about the stamp I AM XXX.
It is not your everyday dope.  
The rush is not so good as it sneaks up on you. (but)  It is worth every penny.  
If you think it is not working and you need more, don't!  
Wait another 15 to 20 minutes for it to kick in.  
If you are the type that is only looking for the rush, this is not for you.  
As always, batches change, even within the same stamp, ending up falling off, this stamp has been the one of the more consistent I have done.  Be safe all.

P.S. In North Philadelphia, there is (also) currently a stamp BUGSY and it is very strong, it is killing people.  Stay away from it."

---Reader Submission From the Concrete Jungle Streets South Philly
(thanks Ignatius!)