"I picked these up in Jamaica, Queens. Hands down the firest fire I've had in years. Was not expecting the explosion of awesome that followed IV administration. Rush was fantastic. Intense nod lasting a good 5 hours. And I even took 2mg of Suboxone 5 hours earlier! I reckon if I hadn't taken that Suboxone, I might be in trouble right now.  If you get your hands on this stamp, be careful! Pretty decent count too."--Cheers
Rush: 9
Legs: 9
Count: 7/8
--reader submission from SIXGUN in Queens.


Anonymous said...

I use to cop in jamaica but was tired of always getting mediocre stuff for 90$ so i stopped im pretty shocked to see something of this quality coming from there

Anonymous said...

I get this from my dealer in Eatontown. $60 a bun which is good because everywhere else I go in NJ, they're charging $80-100 a bun!! I loved it especially after all the horrible shit I've been getting lately. Right now I have NightOwl and Beiber. Both are fantastic. I don't shoot, I snort and it's still great.