Hey Jynxie, your girl in the hustle, EVE here. 
CLEAN UP (Immediately thinking of the Barney song is a pretty good litmus test for if you're a child of the 90's) from Brooklyn, delivery again, no specific area (considering open air is pretty much dead & delivery rules, why do people bother with specific areas?) 
Finally, some decent stuff! Really good rush, good legs, my only complaint would be that it might be a bit too "sleepy" but sometimes it's hard to tell if it is the junk or just me, because I am a seriously sleepy bitch, to the point where I'm starting to think if I wasn't so tall I might be the offspring of that snow white dame & her narcoleptic little person lover (because you know she got it on with those seven dudes--but don't google it---It'll just kill your dreams)
Rush - 9
Legs - 8
Count - 10

love & track marks,

--please welcome EVE as a new contributing author! xo jynxie

7UP (2) Newark, NJ

"7-Up"<---------------------------------> Lakewood via Newark, NJ

"Standard gear here, nothing spectacular. Bklyn style bags. Nice, warm quality, very pleasant, but the count was simply depressing. It makes sense now, that the possibility of these being 'niks' would explain the seeming bargain $. Double up, double down. Peace n light...til next time."
(ed note: "niks"=$5 bags,non?)

--reader submission from NJ--(thanks Kev!) 

theJunkieTourist: Mile High Scores/Denver, Co.

--mid-June 2013--BTH Cold copped in open air market, Denver, CO--
"Had a really good time in Denver.. people there are good, (better than here!) and my mission; (lol..) Not very good quality, but anything is better than nothing! Got ripped off once, but it was just 20 bucks and there were cops everywhere (@) 10:30pm so didn't mind that! Smoked in hotel washroom--overall good time.. :)"

--reader submission thanks \m/ and congrats on sniffing out what you came for..:D