Here we go again... Something to run as fast as you can when you hear of or see the stamp.
SLOWBUCKS !!! As soon as you smell this stuff you can tell its fake. Good fake, they try to make powder look like dope very hard, it has nice beige color and kind of almost vinegar smell. But in reality it anything (I wonder what is it?) but dope. This stuff WILL NOT do anything. Don't even try, don't waste your money.*

* I was given two as a sample with all the talk and praise of it being "fire" and such!


Return of legendary stamp was initially marked with vengeance but it soon became complete crap
that gave you horrible benzo like nod and dry mouth with headache to top.Very chemical-like odor of the powder didn't help much. As usually happens it turned from initial introduction great stuff to total garbage.

Rush 3
Count 4
legs 5

Update as of 12/30/12
NEW and IMPROVED batch of ILL GRILL just arrived !!!
It still retains faint chemical smell and makes you very sleepy but overall not as horrific.
Just OK, average stuff now.

rush 4
count 4
legs 4


From the company that brought us "CSI" and "Big Bang Theory" comes...well quite mediocre Brooklyn
dope. This stuff surprise you initially with a bit of a quality rush then vanishes completely and leaves you with sleepiness and headache. Weird chemical smell and yellowish grey color of solution complete the picture.
Don't...only if absolutely necessary!

Rush 6 but strange one...
Count 5
Legs 3


Below average Brooklyn stuff, nothing to write about, just barely makes you feel straight.
Best to be avoided.

Rush 2 ?
Count 6
Legs 2


Misc. Newark Reviews (no pics--boo!)

Breaking News
- White Glassine with Red Print
Extremely strong and great rush. Lasts for quite a while, the count is substantial. Light Tan mixes up to a golden brown. Copped in South Ward in Newark.

- White glassine with White House Image and "President" Stamped in red. 
Decent Rush and lasting high. Count is pretty standard. Light Tan that mixes up into a dark brown. Gotta take the time to mix it,if you don't it doesn't all dissolve. Not a bad batch at all, been all over the place in South and West Ward in Newark.

We The Party
- White Bags stamped green. Somewhat hard to read.
Strong onset of the rush, doesn't last long though. NIce lasting lingering high though. Somewhat weak count. Literally ALL over the place, got while on vacation in ROCHESTER, NY and NEWARK, NJ. 

-White Glassine with Red Print. Kind of Sloppy
Long lasting rush and Long Legs. Weak Count, but strength makes up for it. Definitely a fan favorite. Legs are real good, keeps me nice long after the last shot.

--reader submissions from NJ: Thanks ek

COCAINE (blue cap vial)

"First time reviewer, long time reader.  I am friends with a few of the posters/readers so I thought I'd share!  I was always reading the blog on my phone and never saw the email address to send entries, so I should be contributing every so often now. My post is long, if you want to shorten it I will not take offense :)

Also, I'm not sure if this belongs here so you can decide to put it or not. (ed. note: why not..lots of speedball fans out there.:D)

North Brooklyn, December '12

A long standing delivery service has extraordinary vials of powder c!  They are the tiny vials but are packed very dense with what must be at least a gram of some of the best quality I have ever tried.  Very Strong, yet clean. Dissolves like spring water for IVers and very easy on the nose.  I highly recommend!!"

Thanks for keeping this blog running all these years!!"

--reader submission from Brooklyn: Thanks JR!



"This is from source of another legend type stamp in Bk called Empire.  Some people call these bags clowns and some call them Skulls, which can be confusing bc there is another stamp from this source that is a skull in cross bones that also gets called skulls.  So to keep it simple I call this clowns and the other Skulls.  Apparently Empire/skulls/clowns is all the same product and they just switch up the stamp at times.  It is consistently great product that i can't imagine someone having complaints about. The only negative I can think of is the count can be very small in some of the bags. I gave it a 4 count rating not bc they are all small, most of them are average, but one or two out of the bun will be tiny. Still you will get more bang for your buck with this vs 90% of what else is out there.

I heard a rumor that they released ill grill, which is a stamp that used to come and go but has not been seen in years. Supposedly it is the best thing around right now. Even better than it's cousin stamps."

--reader submission from Brooklyn: Thanks JR



6/10 (overall)
"Sold for $40 for the equivalent of about 450mgs.  The quality shifts slightly week to week.  Really drowsy feeling high.  Downfall is the shortness of effects.  Bulk of high last about an hour and a half.  Overall, worth the $40 - usually dealers won't sell anything under $50, but even that's rare.  Have been noticing nothing under a bundle being sold in my area lately.  Good for when you're low on cash."
---reader submission Thanks S. (ed. note: not sure where this is coming from--will update if I find out!)


Post-Sandy Sundries..Pain-in-Ass or Business-as-Usual?

Greetings dear readers,
I hope you are all safe and sound from the terrible storm last week. I lead a pretty quiet life far away out here in the crimson shadow of a "red" state.. I haven't the company of a boob tube for some time so I'm pretty poor at paying attention to the news. When I finally looked up "Sandy" images online I was SHOCKED to say the least. I lived in the East Village during 9/11..watched it all happen from my roof. New Yorkers pulled together pretty miraculously back then..Looking back it was rather inspirational and made me pretty proud to be there and a part of that community.

But this storm is a whole different kind of mess, eh?
The city as a whole was a very different place in 2001.
There were still real people living in the neighborhoods..folks with nowhere else to go.

CASINO (fail..)

"Every couple of weeks I visit my Lower East Side connect in the hopes that she has something decent.  Unfortunately that is never the case.  I picked up these Casino stamped bags on October 25th, 2012. They are garbage.  They are pure white with no taste.  
I'm not going to bother giving it a review score because they're just terrible."

Reader submission--Manhattan (thanks Alfred! Sorry about the crummy score..)


"Dispatch from Brooklyn, Thursday 10/12, 2am:"
(ed. note: so sorry for the late posting--Ive been really busy and neglecting this blog!)
"From a dude who brands his own stuff - Always pretty good, OK rush, decent legs, even impressive to a heavy user like me. Varies between ok and absolute heaven. Can easily make a weekender fall out. Dude is a pretty >REDACTED<; (ed. note you mean he's a somewhat "connected, independent fish?"
) ie: no dealing with middle men, so I dig that he really knows whats up with his product. He has also done stamps: fireworks, ace of spades, clowns, and others. He swears in a week this stuff will be absolute fire. Update you then. Would be perfect if he didn't make you wait four hours. All around, great stamp!"
--reader submission from Brooklyn (thanks EVE!)


Movie Action (fail..)


And yet another finest example of Brooklyn's crap!
Those bags were filled twice the normal, huge size easy topped 200 mg but when
opened it was nothing but fine white powder that smelled strongly of quinine.
 Those bags were unusually narrow and thin glassines that reminded me of those $5 Paterson's bags.
(they very well just might be)
Solution was also clear with slightest shade of yellow.
That is because it was probably 98.9% quinine in those bags.
It was super weak stuff that I just barely felt, forget about getting high on it!!! Waste of money!

Rush  none
Count 10 but useless inert powder 
Legs  none

Da One

 Another disappointment from Brooklyn...

  This stuff is kind of dark..yellowish brown and murky (coffee with cream color when in the rig). Has odor that is different from normal vinegar heroin smell. It also has lousy sleepy high that is dirty and lasts only an hour at best. So if this is absolute must to get straight then maybe otherwise it should be avoided.

Rush 2...maybe
Count 6
Legs  almost none



By the way stamp looks like "Most Wanted" resembles very much "American Dream" that used to be
decent about a year a half ago but then slipped to total garbage. Now "AD" is gone and this new stuff
is pretty good. Light beige fine powder with proper heroin smell that dissolves clear, light yellow solution.
Gives a good rush but its effects doesn't last as long and doesn't hit you as strong as CLOWNs.
Great quality overall however and excellent customer service of the seller will make it my #1 choice.

rush 5
legs 5
count 6


This famous EMPIRE/SKULLS latest reincarnation that retains original material top quality.
Great beige fine powder with little vinegar odor that mixes cold into clear urine (my friend compare it to) colored solution.
 Perfect on all angles if only for infamous dealer's wait times...this steady for months
 stuff would have been my #1 choice always !

rush  8
count 7
legs  7

UPDATE!!! As of November 2012 those fell off and now are really mediocre quality bags. Sad but true. 

HOT 97 (fail..)

                       STAY AWAY !!!

                               TOTAL  GARBAGE !!!
Even though I was told this stuff was "fire" it turn out complete opposite. First it was horribly dark. With dark residue that clogged the cotton. Second it didn't smell like dope.
Third it was complete and utter garbage. Useless powder of unknown source made look like it is heroin. Avoid it at any cost or no cost at all. It will not do anything opiate like at all!!! And likely give you an abscess if you don't filter it right.

rush  n/a
count  6
legs  n/a


Gives you about an hour or so opiate-like relief, hardly good times at all rather reminded me SPECIAL BLEND a lot just a bit more potent. They even have very similar looking stamp lettering and color. Last resort very weak stuff.

rush ? maybe 0.5
count 5
legs  1


Horrible crap. Makes you feel like there was some sort of opiate-like wave of relief for about
20 minutes. Then you won't feel shit. Terrible chemical smell from this yellowish powder.
Borderline with complete garbage.

rush  ? none
count  5
legs  ?


Another decent stuff, nice and smooth just makes you nod like crazy. A bit of benzo like nod however... Not as big as Tapout but good, average size for $80 bun. Some bags can be very small sometimes.

rush  7
count 7
legs  5


This is reincarnation of Dr.Pepper so it is pretty solid. Greatest thing about this stuff it is
completely filled to the first fold bags.They are huge!* Otherwise stuff is pretty decent, too.

rush 6
*count 10
legs  7

UPDATE!!! As of November 2012 those are a bit weaker but still sold 5 all around,

(jynxie note: what a ridiculous stamp. Ive never met an MMA wannabe/Ed Hardy wearing junkie. They'd be better off calling it "Thighmaster" or "SaladShooter" I wonder who's brilliant idea this was, ha! )


LIGHTS OUT (North Carolina)

"First off I know the rules here are not to post any incriminating information however, I don't think it is too incriminating to simply state that I live in the state of North Carolina. The only reason I even mention this is that I know most people who post on this blog are in the NY/NJ/Philly area, so since the northeast is well represented on here I felt that the southeast should be too. I also know that not many people know that other areas than the northeast in the US get stamp bags as well, but that is all we ever get where I live. The pictures posted show the white Lights Out bags. This was the first batch of Lights Out and it was absolute fire. The count was large to say the least, these bags were fat as hell and filled with superb quality dope. The powder was an off-white, beige powder that had some paint-chip like flakes in it. Mixed up to a wonderful dark clear amber solution and left no residue on the spoon. Super strong, knockout rush sure to leave any experienced user on their ass, myself after only mostly 2 bag shots. I think this was also due to the bags being so fat. Anyways this was some of the best dope I've had in 2012 hands down."

Count: 10

Rush/Overall Quality: 9

Legs: 10 (a 2 bag shot in the morning had me fucked up all day long, or for at least a good 7-8 hours)

--reader submission from North Carolina (thanks DH)


Atlantic City Digs, LOUIS VUITTON (3)/WAY TO GO #1(2)

Stamps from Atlantic City, NJ--Summer 2012

"I buy my stuff in Atlantic City, NJ and made a pickup today--(I still get so excited every time I make a pickup, even if I can't use for the rest of the week-ha!) I normally purchase anywhere from one to four "packages" as we call them which is 5 bundles/50 bags for me and for friends. The usual price for this is $300 but I acquired mine for $280/each this time for buying one package each of the attached bags, "Louis Vuitton" and "#1 Way to Go". I can only comment on weight for now as I will not be using these until Friday. #1WTG has a bit more then Louis Vuitton, with LV being rated at a 6 and #1WTG at a 7. These are normal ratings for stuff found here. The bags are usually what I would consider "light-ish" in weight but is usually pretty good. It's pretty rare that I end up with a package of bunk. I have been very impressed with AC junk as of late and can't wait to try these latest findings. The #1WTG I remember having several months back but I'll need to try it again as I don't remember much other then I remember not being terribly disappointed anyway."

--reader submission, NJ (thanks Diving Horse)


Count: 9
Quality: 8
Rush: 3

"This is about the stamp I AM XXX.
It is not your everyday dope.  
The rush is not so good as it sneaks up on you. (but)  It is worth every penny.  
If you think it is not working and you need more, don't!  
Wait another 15 to 20 minutes for it to kick in.  
If you are the type that is only looking for the rush, this is not for you.  
As always, batches change, even within the same stamp, ending up falling off, this stamp has been the one of the more consistent I have done.  Be safe all.

P.S. In North Philadelphia, there is (also) currently a stamp BUGSY and it is very strong, it is killing people.  Stay away from it."

---Reader Submission From the Concrete Jungle Streets South Philly
(thanks Ignatius!)



"Judging it in comparison to Zombie, Miami, and now Black Jack...same as Zombie"
(Worth the time and money..)
--submitted by Felonious Junk, North Philidelphia PA


These stamps sourced in Fairhill, N. Philidelphia.. 
"The great thing about that spot is that there are several stamps, Zombie, Miami, Hangover, (and another i can't recall at the moment,.) When you roll up you'll have at least two dealers run up to your car with competing stamps and they will try to undersell eachother if you are looking to buy quantity (with the) exception of Zombie (best quality) They know what they have and haven't paid less than 120 for 13.
Miami, though, is for $100 for 14.
The other two stamps (at the spot are) Hang Over and Crazy Horse.., $80 for 14 but they are so weak they aren't even worth it at that price. The Hang Over here was not the fire i was reading about (elsewhere) some time ago. It was shit. The count was bad...more like a nickel. I guess that's why it's @ $80 for 14. 2 buns last me a night. And its not just the count, I did a 10 bag shot and I never really got that good warm feeling. Felt something...then woke up 45 minutes later. Anyway, the spot is hot as balls.. Happy hunting!"
--submitted by Felonious Junk,Philadelphia, PA

HAM (Hard As A Mother)

"Only did a 2 bag shot, seemed decent but nothing special."
Quality: 6
Count: 6
Rush: 7
--reader submission from Allentown, PA


"Can't comment on the legs yet, but HOLY FUCK this shit knocked me on my ass. I did a three bag shot which is about normal for me, I usually do 3-4 at a time. The rush came on strong and lasted a good 20 seconds. I got the rig out of my arm and put it up, and that's the LAST thing I remember. Apparently after I put my rig up I passed out for about 30 mins in my computer chair. I woke up about 10 mins ago and am nodding my ass off. Dope was light tan mixed up like iced tea. Been a long time since I had some dope knock me out like that."
Rush: 8
Count: 6
Quality: 8

ed.note: Please remember: Test shots save lives! --reader submission ALLENTOWN, PA


"All around solid fucking dope. Awesome rush, and this shit had me nodding so hard the needle barely made it out of my arm. By far the best shit Iv gotten in at least 2 months,"
Rush: 7
Count 6.5
Legs: 7

--reader submission ALLENTOWN, PA


A Brooklyn Junkie's Personal Lament on the State of the Dope Union

Curtainlifter's own rant/musings of frustration.. (ed. note: or perhaps the follies of tolerance?)
"Lately Brooklyn situation with quality of the product been far from great. And it's not like famous East Coast powder is not available in Brooklyn (my part specifically is being North Brooklyn) it is just every time something above average comes around (with rating seven or better, all around) it is gradually or almost immediately slips down to mediocre or even to outright garbage.
This drives me nuts for months!..."
click for more below..



This is another bag that is not stamped but printed on. Lovely little panda crisply printed on the bag. Dope was decent. Nice beige powder. Average all around. No longer around though, connect has other stamps now.

Rush 5
Count 5
Legs 5


This is garbage. Lots of fluffy white powder in the bags with strong smell of mannitol. That's because that powder is 95% that, mannitol !!!
If you are sick, two bags may just barely take the edge off, forget of getting high, or even getting straight. Stay away from it.

Rush none
Count 8 (but who care when it is all cut)
Legs 2-3 hours if you lucky!


Cool name!!! This is some smart stamp! It is pretty good! Nice count, stuff has beautiful ice tea color and mixes perfectly clear. Average rush, good legs and decent size bags. Worth the money!
(when I got it first time the bags were REALLY tiny, but next few times they got decent)

Rush 5
Count 6
Legs 6


"No Mercy" has nicely printed sticker instead of tape and comes from the same family like "Gucci" and "Arab Money". Problem with this stuff that this is VERY,VERY,VERY weak stuff. Almost borders on waste of money. I only get it in absolute emergency and even then when you are deadly sick two bag shot just barely get you straight! Sad because "Arab Money" was the best dope I ever tried...but that was in 2007 or so. Since then this crew puts out horrific near garbage!

Rush eh...I cant really detect any.
Count 7 but who cares...
Legs 4-6 hours, tops!


Finally!!! The stamp named after famous Bugsy Siegel, gangster that was from my hood Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stamp has Bugsy's trademark fedora hat on it. Bag had usual in brooklyn this days tiny white spots. Dope by all means average too. Mixes nice clear light yellow with no residue.

Rush 5
Count 6-7
Legs 5


This is another bag that is not stamped but factory printed on. "Pink Panther" image and tiny text goes all along the bag in lovely (you guess) pink color.
The dope is just about average. VERY nicely filled bags. Only complain that this stuff has some really strong benzo added to it (Xanax most likely) and it makes you really,really difficult to keep your eyes open even after two bags shot!!! can be super dangerous when you drive! So be careful!!!

Rush 4
Count 9-10
Legs 6



Rush: 6
Count: 7
Legs: 5

Stamp: Purple - HAITI same (source/product) that's in red print Taliban, black print Death End (with 3 little upside down crosses underneath the words), and purple print Lamborghini with a stamp of a lambo above the words)
 "Mixes clear, strong pins 'n' needles rush, only last an hour or two compared to other stuff I've recently had, but there was enough in this bag for 2 shots, and I have a decent tolerance. White and flaky, with some small rock-like chunks that required chopping/smashing to dissolve thoroughly, most likely a fentanyl based (ed. note, cut) diacetylmorphine, which is more common here than the brown morphine based diacetylmorphine.
Also smokes well, I always take a toot to try the strength, one small hit was enough for me to feel minor effects. Some of this batch, specifically the Death Ends, are cut with miniscule amounts of crack/cocaine, but I've only copped them once or twice in the last week that had it in it. I could tell because when the bag was licked, it would give that hardcore vicodin/opiate taste dope has, but it also tasted slightly of kerosene and made my tongue numb.
Smoking it also further proved this theory, as I felt the small effects of a stimulant immediately, while the opiate high was coming up. It is not enough to speedball, unless you do a large amount at once, so I advise caution."
--reader submission PITTSBURGH, PA


LV (Louis Vuitton)--update

Legs: 6

Rush: 7
Count: 7

"The (original) stamped Louis Vuitton's are no more---instead, they've been replaced with a white glassine bag and white tape- the logo appears to be printed on the tape. Not quite as good as the older stamped Vuittons.."

--anonymous reader submission from Brooklyn



Rumor is that there are two distinct batches if Dr.Pepper one being absolute fire and another mediocre bordering to garbage. With my luck I happen to get my hands on latter. And apart from very nicely design stamp (you have to give it to them for all the details, instead of some lousy block letters) it was absolutely nothing exciting. Very shitty stuff.
I am still holding into hope that one day, maybe i will get to sample that other Dr.Pepper...

rush 3
count 6
legs 3


HELLBOY is been a trusted name for more than year now, coming and going. At time being very solid to almost entirely disappointing.
This time HELLBOY is very decent with only complain being rather excessive amount of benzos (or any other sleep inducing agents being mixed in) that is in this perfect light beige powder.
It mixed clear and very light amber. Not fire but also not horrible, with legs that make up for all other shortcomings. More rush would be nice however.

rush 4
count 6 to 8
legs 8


Last summer "Red Zone" was all famous stamp from Bushwick. I could never get my hand on it since I left Bushwick a few years ago for wonderful Southside.
Now when I finally got it and tried it, it was nothing but a huge disappointment. With those bags being pretty filled this stuff however is cut with huge amounts mannitol leaving you with mount of fluffy white powder. It is not very potent. Or rather pretty weak with legs of only a few hours at most.

rush 3
count 8
legs 3



quality: 6.5
legs: 5
"Lightly pressed worn stamp (this is not from age, this is how it comes). Overall: worth it if you can get it for (the right price)"

-anonymous reader submission (BROOKLYN)

Stars (red and blue)

"Unfortunately, the quality is not like it once was.. they used to be extra fat, very good- (but) lately these have not been cooking or smoking right. They used to run like a dragon, now they simmer and go black. So, I have moved on .."

-Anonymous reader submission (BROOKLYN)



Legs: 6
Quality: 7
"Name: "kung fu Panda" (though it just says panda on it, With a picture of a panda. This is not a stamp, but it's pre printed on the bag. This is the most unusual stamp I have ever seen..I like it, I was even surprised at the quality- pretty decent."

-reader submission from Brooklyn 


"These bags are not so great. Red planet - distributed by a low level dealer who stamps his own bags and thinks hes gonna be famous.. Well he might- on Rikers Island. Bags are what most would say is shit."

-reader submission from Brooklyn

Louis Vuitton (LV)

Quality: 8
Legs: 7

"Name: Louis Vuiton (just the LV logo stamped [by hand] across the front of the bag. individually taped bags. (like philly bags) Overall this is my favorite lately. I heard from a bird that a big supplier got popped last night. I do not expect to see it again and I will say no more on that topic.
This is how the count looks on the LV bags. Not bad- but like I say, these look like philly bags- they are smaller than normal brooklyn bags (aka kung fu panda above, its a traditional bk size bag..)"

-reader submission from Brooklyn 

The Glassine Menagerie (a readers vignette)

"And now on to the variety show, not fully intentional but the best photos came out with a variety of other substances that ran in and photobombed the photo and I just couldn't fucking stop them. 
Im sorry. 
Here we have an eight ball of fish scale blow.. Absolute quality there. Comes from the best source that I will not name, because I am just writing all of this from a paper I found with these strange photos and it doesn't say. Anyway, then top let we have 11-13 8m suboxone for the emergency rations kit, then we got some 20 30mg mscontins and some 2mg klonopins..Then we got two bricks of quality grade a+ dope. A mixed bag of unlabeled while glassine, and the stars party bags. Then more klonopin. Then two different types of good herb.


Next photo- a hand full of morphine and a closer shot of the bricks of party bags and white bags. Both these bricks were healthy and from what I read on the note- there are no complaints."

--anonymous reader submission (Brooklyn)