By the way stamp looks like "Most Wanted" resembles very much "American Dream" that used to be
decent about a year a half ago but then slipped to total garbage. Now "AD" is gone and this new stuff
is pretty good. Light beige fine powder with proper heroin smell that dissolves clear, light yellow solution.
Gives a good rush but its effects doesn't last as long and doesn't hit you as strong as CLOWNs.
Great quality overall however and excellent customer service of the seller will make it my #1 choice.

rush 5
legs 5
count 6


This famous EMPIRE/SKULLS latest reincarnation that retains original material top quality.
Great beige fine powder with little vinegar odor that mixes cold into clear urine (my friend compare it to) colored solution.
 Perfect on all angles if only for infamous dealer's wait times...this steady for months
 stuff would have been my #1 choice always !

rush  8
count 7
legs  7

UPDATE!!! As of November 2012 those fell off and now are really mediocre quality bags. Sad but true. 

HOT 97 (fail..)

                       STAY AWAY !!!

                               TOTAL  GARBAGE !!!
Even though I was told this stuff was "fire" it turn out complete opposite. First it was horribly dark. With dark residue that clogged the cotton. Second it didn't smell like dope.
Third it was complete and utter garbage. Useless powder of unknown source made look like it is heroin. Avoid it at any cost or no cost at all. It will not do anything opiate like at all!!! And likely give you an abscess if you don't filter it right.

rush  n/a
count  6
legs  n/a


Gives you about an hour or so opiate-like relief, hardly good times at all rather reminded me SPECIAL BLEND a lot just a bit more potent. They even have very similar looking stamp lettering and color. Last resort very weak stuff.

rush ? maybe 0.5
count 5
legs  1


Horrible crap. Makes you feel like there was some sort of opiate-like wave of relief for about
20 minutes. Then you won't feel shit. Terrible chemical smell from this yellowish powder.
Borderline with complete garbage.

rush  ? none
count  5
legs  ?


Another decent stuff, nice and smooth just makes you nod like crazy. A bit of benzo like nod however... Not as big as Tapout but good, average size for $80 bun. Some bags can be very small sometimes.

rush  7
count 7
legs  5


This is reincarnation of Dr.Pepper so it is pretty solid. Greatest thing about this stuff it is
completely filled to the first fold bags.They are huge!* Otherwise stuff is pretty decent, too.

rush 6
*count 10
legs  7

UPDATE!!! As of November 2012 those are a bit weaker but still sold 5 all around,

(jynxie note: what a ridiculous stamp. Ive never met an MMA wannabe/Ed Hardy wearing junkie. They'd be better off calling it "Thighmaster" or "SaladShooter" I wonder who's brilliant idea this was, ha! )