Rumor is that there are two distinct batches if Dr.Pepper one being absolute fire and another mediocre bordering to garbage. With my luck I happen to get my hands on latter. And apart from very nicely design stamp (you have to give it to them for all the details, instead of some lousy block letters) it was absolutely nothing exciting. Very shitty stuff.
I am still holding into hope that one day, maybe i will get to sample that other Dr.Pepper...

rush 3
count 6
legs 3


HELLBOY is been a trusted name for more than year now, coming and going. At time being very solid to almost entirely disappointing.
This time HELLBOY is very decent with only complain being rather excessive amount of benzos (or any other sleep inducing agents being mixed in) that is in this perfect light beige powder.
It mixed clear and very light amber. Not fire but also not horrible, with legs that make up for all other shortcomings. More rush would be nice however.

rush 4
count 6 to 8
legs 8


Last summer "Red Zone" was all famous stamp from Bushwick. I could never get my hand on it since I left Bushwick a few years ago for wonderful Southside.
Now when I finally got it and tried it, it was nothing but a huge disappointment. With those bags being pretty filled this stuff however is cut with huge amounts mannitol leaving you with mount of fluffy white powder. It is not very potent. Or rather pretty weak with legs of only a few hours at most.

rush 3
count 8
legs 3



quality: 6.5
legs: 5
"Lightly pressed worn stamp (this is not from age, this is how it comes). Overall: worth it if you can get it for (the right price)"

-anonymous reader submission (BROOKLYN)

Stars (red and blue)

"Unfortunately, the quality is not like it once was.. they used to be extra fat, very good- (but) lately these have not been cooking or smoking right. They used to run like a dragon, now they simmer and go black. So, I have moved on .."

-Anonymous reader submission (BROOKLYN)



Legs: 6
Quality: 7
"Name: "kung fu Panda" (though it just says panda on it, With a picture of a panda. This is not a stamp, but it's pre printed on the bag. This is the most unusual stamp I have ever seen..I like it, I was even surprised at the quality- pretty decent."

-reader submission from Brooklyn 


"These bags are not so great. Red planet - distributed by a low level dealer who stamps his own bags and thinks hes gonna be famous.. Well he might- on Rikers Island. Bags are what most would say is shit."

-reader submission from Brooklyn

Louis Vuitton (LV)

Quality: 8
Legs: 7

"Name: Louis Vuiton (just the LV logo stamped [by hand] across the front of the bag. individually taped bags. (like philly bags) Overall this is my favorite lately. I heard from a bird that a big supplier got popped last night. I do not expect to see it again and I will say no more on that topic.
This is how the count looks on the LV bags. Not bad- but like I say, these look like philly bags- they are smaller than normal brooklyn bags (aka kung fu panda above, its a traditional bk size bag..)"

-reader submission from Brooklyn 

The Glassine Menagerie (a readers vignette)

"And now on to the variety show, not fully intentional but the best photos came out with a variety of other substances that ran in and photobombed the photo and I just couldn't fucking stop them. 
Im sorry. 
Here we have an eight ball of fish scale blow.. Absolute quality there. Comes from the best source that I will not name, because I am just writing all of this from a paper I found with these strange photos and it doesn't say. Anyway, then top let we have 11-13 8m suboxone for the emergency rations kit, then we got some 20 30mg mscontins and some 2mg klonopins..Then we got two bricks of quality grade a+ dope. A mixed bag of unlabeled while glassine, and the stars party bags. Then more klonopin. Then two different types of good herb.


Next photo- a hand full of morphine and a closer shot of the bricks of party bags and white bags. Both these bricks were healthy and from what I read on the note- there are no complaints."

--anonymous reader submission (Brooklyn)