NICKELODEON ("Do do you have it..GUTS!"/"Double Dare") / WARHORSE

"Been enjoying these little guys for a little while- so I thought I would send a review."

"Picked up in Manhattan- they have been through a few incarnations.  First a couple of Nickelodeon stamps: "Do do do do you have it... GUTS!" and "Double Dare 2000" in white and blue glassines, but mainly plain blue (pictured above).  Powder is very light tan, flaky and pebbly with a few crystals- breaks up fluffy."

"Nice and easy on the schnozz, and a mellow, energizing high with a nice nod after settling down when work is done.  Hangs around for a while and lets me back down easy.  Bags are kind of light but the price is definitely right.  These are my favorite go-to at the moment."

Rush- N/A
Count- 5
Legs- 8

 **Big thanks to reader "S" for submitting a RED warhorse! --Jynxie 1/17/13

"Also picked up some white bags in Brooklyn with a green stamp of a horse labeled "WAR HORSE".  Powder light tan and a tad grainy."

"Pretty pricey with fair-sized bags but still a little light.  First one I tried made me sick (headache, nauseated)  so I shelved them, but hauled them out later without the same effect.  Burn like heck when snorted. Fairly sedating.
Whatever these are cut with is a little caustic and unpleasant.  
Overall these didn't treat me all that well--but may be the cat's pajamas for someone else--who knows?" 

Rush- N/A
Count- 5
Legs- 4

Please use caution if you encounter this stamp--especially IV users!///

---reader submission from NYC (thanks Jane!) 


"Hi there Jynxie, my dear. How has life been treating you? All the best in all ways, sweetie....  Well, guess what? I got some reviews for ya. Yeehaw!  lol These are from various places, and I haven't been feeling too well lately, so none of these were put on the skizzle."   :(-----SoJSg

First up, we have a Camden, NJ stamp that is pictorial in nature. Let the user name it/call it what he/she will. I called it "ThunderClouds", for good reason. Phat bags, well over 50mg.'s. Off white, stings the nose with potency, and not quite 3 tickets got me a heavy nod, with variations of super energy, which I find utterly fascinating. Hard to find, much sought after, and simply superb gear! Definitely quality material.
R: n/a
C: 7+
Q: 8+

Next up, from Lakewood, NJ, we have a REALLY PROMISING "LOOKING" stamp named "MISFITS". Loved the stamp!! Just figured it was geared for the crowd it attracted. Well, well, well...... Price was $80 a bun. Count was almost non-existent. (about 10, to maybeeee 20 mg.'s each ticket) Quality SUCKED.
Not a buzz in a bun. (for a sniffer) :(      
AVOID. Such an insult to such a wonderful stamp.
R: n/a
C: 2
Q: 1

Lets move south a wee bit, to Atlantic City, NJ, and a stamp named "VERSACE". Finally some quality to be had. Average size (30-45mg.'s?) [Not to be a jerk, but I am well practiced with the plate to make an accurate ballpark guess as to weight], GOOD potency, nothing fantabulous here. Standard 4 to 5 bag energy-nod. $80 a bun, with NO plays. (free tix)
R: n/a
C: 6
Q: 6

Another batch found in the wilds of AC, NJ, was named "WHITE LIGHTNING".
Pricey, at $90 a bun, the count was surprisingly impressive, considering recent disappointing forays. No 'Plays' to be had for the expenditure, so this is like Saks 5th Ave prices. Puhleeeeze. Anyway, quality is real NICE! Tix weigh approx 50 to 60 mg.'s each, maybe a little more. Just dont feel like whippin out and settin up the micro-gm skizzle. :/  I was feeling 2 of these, but wasn't cleared to get in a third at the the time, so gotta follow up, but really nice light brown fluffy powder, and a good energy surge, less the nod for now. Nice gear!
R: n/a
C: 7+
Q: 7 (maybe higher upon further research) ;)

---reader submission from South Jersey (Many Thanks to the always affable SoJSg! Hope you're feeling better soon!?xxooJynxie)

Summer 2013 (Best of Delaware..) v/a HIGH VOLTAGE/SPRING FEVER/NOD OUT/YOUTUBE

HIGH VOLTAGE-(blue bag-blue ink-lightning bolt symbol)- very good
SPRING FEVER-(white bag-Purple ink sunshine symbol)- very good
NOD OUT- (blue writing-white bag-knife symbol)-very good
YOUTUBE- (blue bag red writing no symbol)-average

"These were the "Best of the Summer" from specific connect I found close to home. (I'm) not able to contact any longer so eventually started going to different city where it's easier to cop. Thanks for reading, I'm happy to submit for reviews and art :-)"

---reader submission from Delaware (thanks foxtail!)



"Picked up in the 212. Has a nice high and long legs."

rush - 5

--reader submission (thanks -P!)



"I got three bags of this stuff and its safe to say its not a "home run" and honestly really sucks and is not worth any money. Even for someone with like noo tolerance I'm just not widdit!"

--reader submission from Williamsburg, BK (thanks RMK)

*submitter also included this review but did not have a pic:
 "Something I tried a few separate times that's also going around Williamsburg called "SMACK DOWN" . And this stuff isn't the best but pretty damn good. The rush is real nice and I didn't notice much of a huge nod each time but that's okay.  It dissolves pretty easy like it should and overall it's pretty alright with me. Bags are also pretty average quantity. Unlike the 'home run' which was pretty skimpy as well. Overall I rate it an 8 or 9. Not a 10 simply because I've done better. That's all. :)"