ROLEX (Paterson, NJ)

Rush: na
"Very good dope, high quality. Some of the best i got in Paterson, good nod and lasts a long time."

--anon reader submission from Paterson, NJ 


"My last review was World Wide, this stamp has replaced it (Red Butterfly) and the dope IS different and even BETTER!! Very strong. Ive been trying to write this review for well over 2 hours!! Very heavy nods although im a bit tired.
This stamp is no joke.  (ed note: Careful, folks; DO A TEST SHOT!!!)
10's across the board. 
Best H ive done in NYC! (I know I said that about World Wide a few days ago but this Red Butterfly takes the cake..)
Its clean and very potent so be SUPER careful! Ive been in the game for a long time and this is the real deal people. Prospect Heights area. Goodluck!!! 
Buy it all up if you can, oh and bring your wallet--$100 buns no breaks. "       

--anonymous reader submission from BK            


Count: 8
Rush: OMFG! 8
Legs: 8
"By far the best grease Ive come across this year. Most of my doings are in Brooklyn.  WORLD WIDE is a Prospect Heights area thing and today the stamp turned into a red butterfly. Have no idea why. Same shit. It may go back to the original stamp. These bags are not stamped by the way. They are decorated from the factory. lol
The stuff inside is heaven. It started with red bags which was absolute FIRE and quickly went to blue which seemed just a little less potent but still high quality."

---anonymous reader submission from Brooklyn
eta: Here's another review of WORLDWIDE from way back in 2009, Im always amused with reiterations of stamps--these newfangled "factory print" versions are an interesting development, ha!  http://dequinceyjynxie.blogspot.com/2009/09/worldwide.html


Fall '13 Brooklyn v/a Taxi Service/Tango/Happy Hours/Hellboy(2)

Hello junkies and junkiettes, it's your girl EVE here, back from my brief disappearance. No, I didn't overdose or end up in detox or any of the things that come with the life, but was busy keeping up with the hustle. I'm also on a epic trip down to a city that starts with an A and is located in a state that starts with a T and ends with a S. Anyway enough of me running my mouth, let's get to what you're here for, which is some reviews of what's been flowing through my veins.....

Now I wrote a while back about Taxi, and this apparently is some sort of variation of that brand, except they dropped the graphic and added "service" to the name - Taxi Service. Unfortunately, those changes didn't extend to the actual product. You can put a lipstick on a pig....

From Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Rush - 3
Count - 4
Legs - 3

This next brand I had to travel out to some fuck-all desolate spot in Clinton Hill, and it ended up being for nothing - I mean, I am a "Have needle will travel" type of gal, but it better be because it's worth it. You can barely make out the brand name, but it says "Tango" which is misleading because it should say "shit." Besides a horrible count & high, It was also cut with something gravely and gross. 

From Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Rush - 2
Count - 1
Legs - 1

Next up we have the product that was from the same makers of Hellboy™ that was in the mix for a while. I've been calling it Happy Hour though I just realized it technically says Happy Hours. Me & my new partner in debauchery, who I'll call EVAN, both agree that this is good, just not as good as Hellboy. Still, when HB isn't available, this becomes as far as I know the best of whats available.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Rush - 7
Count - 8
Legs - 6.5

Next up is something I picked up in Manhattan that doesn't actually have a name on it, just a symbol (How Prince!) but is obviously called Gucci because that's the symbol it's reppin'. This stuff is ok, but at $100 a bun is not worth the price. Basically, if there is nothing else I'll take it, but it's not what I'd order if given a menu.

Manhattan, NY
Rush - 6
Count - 5
Legs- 5

Finally, this brings us to an update of a lot of Brooklyn junkies favorite brand, Hellboy. Back in rotation, this stuff seems to be the best of what is out there at the moment (or at least, the best of what I can get my hands on). While it's obviously not the best ever, It's definitely my regular order until something better comes along.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Rush - 7
Count - 7
Legs - 7

That said, I've heard rumors of something called Worldwide or something similar possibly being the best in Brooklyn? If anyone has come across this stamp I'd love a review.

That's it for now, as always you can reach me at eveandthesnake@gmail.com - stay safe!


Advil/Toy Story

R: 3

C: 4
Q: 6

Toy Story
R: 0
C: 3
Q: 2

-reader submission from Lakewood, NJ (thanks Laz--lovely pics!)

HORSES/HELP ME (Charlie Brown!)

Got a half bun of these guys in downtown Newark. They were not cheap by any means ($8 a pop) but the regular guys weren't out due to a strong police presence. This stamp was fucking terrible.

C: 6
R: 3
L: 4

I was so disappointed after I did these. I had scored fire on Monday and then this shit popped up. Classic downtown trash. 

 Here's another stamp straight out of Paterson. I'm not a fan of their dope or the way they serve but I heard this shit is fire and cheap. Indeed no lies were told and it was cheap and fire. I got 14 bags for $65, not a bad deal.

Count: 7, The bags were your average weight, not small but not fat
Rush: solid 8.
Legs: Hard to tell  because I only had it an hour ago, but I'm still going strong. I'll give it an 8.

--reader submission from NJ (thanks Marx!--great pictures btw)

Summer '13 v/a Rundown (Paterson NJ)--HEATWAVES/Facebook/Instagram/KISSofDEATH/TWITTER/HeatWaves/BACKONTOP/

KISS OF DEATH/Instagram/Facebook/TWITTER-Worst stamps ever copped in Patterson (all basically same dope/source.)

HeatWaves- Good stamp, not fire here but solid no let down. Replaced Bugatti for a few weeks in summer.

BACK ON TOP This stamp replaced Heat Waves  (which replaced Bugatti) but then Bugatti came back and I haven't seen this since.

--reader submission from Paterson (thanks Rye!)

BUGATTI (Paterson NJ)

Paterson, NJ : Fourth Ward
"To start off my review there are very very many stamps going around Paterson, all the time. Copping daily there for nearly a year I've seen over 50 and wish I took more pictures. I'll try to start cataloging them all from now on. To start off with my staple and all time long term favorite bag.
Bugatti . Green stamp on white glassing bag with oval around words. This stamp is consistently my favorite and has been around for a long time. "
R: n/a
"They're not the best bags I've ever had but are extremely consistent and always satisfying. Good size very whitish powder. I sniff so don't know how it looks mixed but it tastes good. Not always the neatest especially lately but who cares if its good. I usually do about 10-15 bags at a time in a maze of lines that disappear after about two minutes. I never have to get more than the average 12 or 13 to feel these and a couple will get rid of sickness."

--anon reader submission from NJ


This one is called [pop corn] and is stamped in red. I got it on  St. Nicholas (in Washington Heights..)

Rush 6 
Count 5 
Legs 8

--reader submission from Manhattan (thanks Laz)



Thought I'd review this as it's recently been the best i've seen in awhile.  Get it from the same folks as always, but recently it's been giving me that implacable, back in the day, mayonnaise in my nostrils feel.

--reader submission from Brooklyn (thanks J)