HORSES/HELP ME (Charlie Brown!)

Got a half bun of these guys in downtown Newark. They were not cheap by any means ($8 a pop) but the regular guys weren't out due to a strong police presence. This stamp was fucking terrible.

C: 6
R: 3
L: 4

I was so disappointed after I did these. I had scored fire on Monday and then this shit popped up. Classic downtown trash. 

 Here's another stamp straight out of Paterson. I'm not a fan of their dope or the way they serve but I heard this shit is fire and cheap. Indeed no lies were told and it was cheap and fire. I got 14 bags for $65, not a bad deal.

Count: 7, The bags were your average weight, not small but not fat
Rush: solid 8.
Legs: Hard to tell  because I only had it an hour ago, but I'm still going strong. I'll give it an 8.

--reader submission from NJ (thanks Marx!--great pictures btw)


Anonymous said...

The top one 'Horses', looks a lot like the stuff that my one main guy has been having recently. Except for the picture. One of them was called 'world war 3', and I honestly cannot remember what the other 3 were called at the moment. I remember WW3 being REALLY BIG, but just 'ok'. 2 Oof the other similar ones were above average quality, but one of them was REALLY good. I wish I could be more helpful in my description(s) but it was a little over a month ago. The reason I commented on this was because it was the same 'style' bag. And it had the name and/or picture stamped multiple times all over the stamp.

Anonymous said...

(same person as above)
Oops, totally forgot. I got mine in Newark, NJ . I've never seen stamps with that particular design before, hence why I am responding about it because I'm surprised to see that somebody else has gotten the same style of 'packaging'. The quality though, I will never know the difference lol. From what I can remember though, the BEST batch that I got of these type(s) was:
Rush - 6.5
Legs - 5ish
Quantity - 10
Quality - 6

DH said...

same connect that cops up in NJ/NY has had a lot of this they called it "dark horse" same exact bags lately in Wilmington NC.