Fall '13 Brooklyn v/a Taxi Service/Tango/Happy Hours/Hellboy(2)

Hello junkies and junkiettes, it's your girl EVE here, back from my brief disappearance. No, I didn't overdose or end up in detox or any of the things that come with the life, but was busy keeping up with the hustle. I'm also on a epic trip down to a city that starts with an A and is located in a state that starts with a T and ends with a S. Anyway enough of me running my mouth, let's get to what you're here for, which is some reviews of what's been flowing through my veins.....

Now I wrote a while back about Taxi, and this apparently is some sort of variation of that brand, except they dropped the graphic and added "service" to the name - Taxi Service. Unfortunately, those changes didn't extend to the actual product. You can put a lipstick on a pig....

From Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Rush - 3
Count - 4
Legs - 3

This next brand I had to travel out to some fuck-all desolate spot in Clinton Hill, and it ended up being for nothing - I mean, I am a "Have needle will travel" type of gal, but it better be because it's worth it. You can barely make out the brand name, but it says "Tango" which is misleading because it should say "shit." Besides a horrible count & high, It was also cut with something gravely and gross. 

From Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
Rush - 2
Count - 1
Legs - 1

Next up we have the product that was from the same makers of Hellboy™ that was in the mix for a while. I've been calling it Happy Hour though I just realized it technically says Happy Hours. Me & my new partner in debauchery, who I'll call EVAN, both agree that this is good, just not as good as Hellboy. Still, when HB isn't available, this becomes as far as I know the best of whats available.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Rush - 7
Count - 8
Legs - 6.5

Next up is something I picked up in Manhattan that doesn't actually have a name on it, just a symbol (How Prince!) but is obviously called Gucci because that's the symbol it's reppin'. This stuff is ok, but at $100 a bun is not worth the price. Basically, if there is nothing else I'll take it, but it's not what I'd order if given a menu.

Manhattan, NY
Rush - 6
Count - 5
Legs- 5

Finally, this brings us to an update of a lot of Brooklyn junkies favorite brand, Hellboy. Back in rotation, this stuff seems to be the best of what is out there at the moment (or at least, the best of what I can get my hands on). While it's obviously not the best ever, It's definitely my regular order until something better comes along.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Rush - 7
Count - 7
Legs - 7

That said, I've heard rumors of something called Worldwide or something similar possibly being the best in Brooklyn? If anyone has come across this stamp I'd love a review.

That's it for now, as always you can reach me at eveandthesnake@gmail.com - stay safe!


Anonymous said...

How does Hellboy compare to the old (5 years ago) Target?


EVE said...

I'm not the one browsing junkie websites leaving mean comments - I'm too busy living my life :-)