BUGATTI (Paterson NJ)

Paterson, NJ : Fourth Ward
"To start off my review there are very very many stamps going around Paterson, all the time. Copping daily there for nearly a year I've seen over 50 and wish I took more pictures. I'll try to start cataloging them all from now on. To start off with my staple and all time long term favorite bag.
Bugatti . Green stamp on white glassing bag with oval around words. This stamp is consistently my favorite and has been around for a long time. "
R: n/a
"They're not the best bags I've ever had but are extremely consistent and always satisfying. Good size very whitish powder. I sniff so don't know how it looks mixed but it tastes good. Not always the neatest especially lately but who cares if its good. I usually do about 10-15 bags at a time in a maze of lines that disappear after about two minutes. I never have to get more than the average 12 or 13 to feel these and a couple will get rid of sickness."

--anon reader submission from NJ


Anonymous said...

hey jynxie its the author, soon i will post 5-10 more stamps from paterson , if i had posting privileges in the future that would be very convenient, PS there is a stamp called twitter in the KISSOFDEATH FACEBOOK picture u didnt put in the title that sucked just as much as the others.

Jynxie said...

Hey 17:46 I delete submissions from my email as I post them (and sweep out contacts) just as an extra privacy precaution for contributors. Shoot me another email and we can go over the details...please include what email address you would like connected to the blog account and what username you would like to post under and I will go ahead and set up an authors account for you!

Anonymous said...

where in p town did u get these

Anonymous said...

came across these bugattis in pittsburgh - fire