"My last review was World Wide, this stamp has replaced it (Red Butterfly) and the dope IS different and even BETTER!! Very strong. Ive been trying to write this review for well over 2 hours!! Very heavy nods although im a bit tired.
This stamp is no joke.  (ed note: Careful, folks; DO A TEST SHOT!!!)
10's across the board. 
Best H ive done in NYC! (I know I said that about World Wide a few days ago but this Red Butterfly takes the cake..)
Its clean and very potent so be SUPER careful! Ive been in the game for a long time and this is the real deal people. Prospect Heights area. Goodluck!!! 
Buy it all up if you can, oh and bring your wallet--$100 buns no breaks. "       

--anonymous reader submission from BK            


Elle Elle said...
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Anonymous said...

i think i had this one but it was a blue stamp and it was ehh ok i would say, so me if i can choose from this one or a different one, i will take my chances with the other one!!

Anonymous said...
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