GUCCI (2/3) (York, PA)

ed. note: Here we have two reader submissions from York, PA of the stamp GUCCI. (Different than the 2011 Brooklyn version) I'm including both reviews and shots in the same post. Cheers guys!

"These bags came from the same person that had the "three musketeers" that I sent in earlier last week. There was nothing around and my friend knew these were around, so I picked them up. I was pleasantly surprised!!  Love when that happens. I picked up two bundles, came back, shot 8 and got a nice rush from it.   As soon as I let the tourniquet fly it hit and put a smile on my face at the same time.
R: 7
L: 7
C: 7

A good purchase."

--reader submission from PA (thanks L)

(Gucci)same exact dope as the last 3 musketeers, just came out last weekend (or at least thats when my man told me, "Now i'm gonna have Gucci's no more 3 musketeers, that stamps dead.")
The Gucci's, i'd say"
rush 7
legs 6.5?
count 6.75

yeah kinda random.
(They) are most definitely not shitty bags by any means but they're nothing special either, I remember months ago when the Renegades and the Redsox bags were around you could cop bags just as good as the Guccis for cheap as shit easy as fuck all day (or at least i could), but the Gucci's my man's pricing on em is a little fucked so thats my main gripe. 

I'm not nearly as hardcore as the other dude from york..

--reader submission from PA (thanks TRL)


Anonymous said...

I'm about to pick up some renegades were those any good?

Anonymous said...

Yeah renegades were good. Take pics of the stamp.
If i remember right, the renegades said RENEGADE in red letters and there was like...a diamond? around the word renegade
they aint been around since last year though, least not that i know about. They came in the wide taped shut bags like the guccis/hot bars do. Renegades were good, probably just about as good as the hot bars/guccis if i'm remembering right. I do remember that the redsox bags i literally could not tell the difference between those and the renegades (and i was coppin the renegades and the redsox off the same people-sometimes they had renegade, sometimes redsox)