FATBOY (Philly/Lancaster, PA)

"Here is some stuff I copped from a friend in Lancaster PA (city). To make a long story short; I never am thrilled when I have to get stuff from Lancaster, and the primary reason is because of the quantity; it's always small. These bags were out of the ordinary though, as the count was more than what is usually seen in Lancaster. Coming in red glassine envelopes is always something out of the ordinary, as most bags are typically blue or white.
Like most gear from Lancaster, this screams Philadelphia; double sealed and smaller envelopes. It mixes into the typical clear amber.  I have a pretty fierce habit, so I made an 8-bagger-dagger and tied off to find a vein. Once one was found it was blast off time. The rush came within a few seconds of releasing my tie and it wasn't anything special. Not the exploding head feeling I love, it was more of a typical flood of dopamine to their receptors. I did start to nod a few times and with one hour I was completely asleep. These bags are more reminiscent of benzos than heroin, but I digress; they're average dope.

R: 5; 
L: 6; 
C: 5. 

Not a bad score but I like fire. I want my head to explode when I shoot 8 bags. My normal shot is between 8-10 bags and I expect to nod like crazy not fall asleep entirely. But not bad. I paid 10$ more a bundle for these than usual. In all...not bad. Above Typical Lancaster-esq dope."

--reader submission from PA (Thanks L!)

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Anonymous said...

These are from along Indiana Ave in Kensington, Philadelphia (this is a very long street so I hope I'm not being too specific, not trying to source or anything but this is NOWHERE NEAR specific.) I know this as I was given a sample as is common when a new stamp comes out or they're tryna get a new block poppin, I still have the glassine as I keep all my stamps even after scraping them.

If you thought this was avg then you gotta take a trip to Kensington/Fairhill and start small cause you'll die off an 8 bagger. Actually, as a general rule always start off small with a new/unknown stamp cause you never know . . . Test shots save lives!!!

If you do take a trip to North Philly, keep an eye out for "fastball" or "nitro," the blocks are not close to each other but they are run by the same crew and they're the newest stamps from the same crew that brought us "OKC" last summer, "fire" last fall, "my turn" this past fall/winter, and gas this past winter/spring.

This is the first time they opened up a 2nd block as everyone knows they got the best quality and fattest count and they can't keep enough on the block to fit demand. Also the fastball's around where they had the "okc," "fire," and "my turn," while nitro's at the old "rocky" spot, the old "gas" spot has been rented out to a different crew and it's called "work."

Idk how work is but since it's a different crew, I haven't heard great things and wouldn't fuck with it. If you get nothing else outta this post, just remember TEST SHOTS SAVE LIVES!!!