April v/a Rundown: PATERSON, NJ

Marilyn Monroe 
rush 7
legs 7
count 7

You're Invite
rush 5
legs 5
count 5

rush 8  
legs 7  
count 7

rush 7  
legs 6  
count 8
---reader submission Paterson, NJ (thanks Budz!)


Born2lose said...

Yo, I got dome really strange shit called "entered" and I think its molly or something molecularly close. Have you seen it?

doctahwho said...

the one that's called 'eagle', i've had before. i think it was around october-ish (i remember getting it before hurricane sandy hit). the lettering looked slightly different, but i remember it being really good. it's a shame my guy only had it for about 3-4 days before he ran out and re-upped on something not as good at all. btw, this was in newark.

jauyyy said...

Had monroe...wasn't 5 but was ok the escobar red stamp goin around is FIRE

jauyyy said...

Eagle purchased looked exactlt the same was garbage man...u need a nee connect. I knowbwhere u cop just by ur bags lol

GangstaGrillz said...

jauy im in north cacka but we have a blue escobar stamp right now formerly red thats FIREman