A Brooklyn Junkie's Personal Lament on the State of the Dope Union

Curtainlifter's own rant/musings of frustration.. (ed. note: or perhaps the follies of tolerance?)
"Lately Brooklyn situation with quality of the product been far from great. And it's not like famous East Coast powder is not available in Brooklyn (my part specifically is being North Brooklyn) it is just every time something above average comes around (with rating seven or better, all around) it is gradually or almost immediately slips down to mediocre or even to outright garbage.
This drives me nuts for months!..."
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"People just can't keep the product consistent! And I am not asking for super, duper straight of the kilo brick fire, just keep the shit steady decent so one to two bag shot would give you a nice rush and hold you for at least 8 hours. I don't expect knock your socks off rush and nodding off for hours on one bag dope those are gone with better times that used to be mid to late 90's in Brooklyn. Just give me consistent product for couple of months at least...

Something that worth $80 to $90 a bundle. Something that doesn't become shit in one week!!!
Even worse at times there are two batches. First original good stuff that came out and was VERY impressive, another is second batch of the same exact stamp and it is bordering on garbage mediocre...same stamp, same great count, a little lighter dope that dissolves weirdly murky. One day you get 5 bags and you get the great stuff, next time on Friday (TGIF...Payday!!!) you get 2 buns, drop $180 and end up with 20 bags of THE OTHER mediocre almost garbage, murky, almost no rush, loaded with benzos (or god knows some other pills that makes you pass out sleepy, nor nodding on good dope but pass out sleepy!) shit!!! FUCK!!! The weekend ruined. Shit keeps you from being sick of course but there no HIGH, that you expected. Something heroin that you just spent almost two hundred dollars suppose to provide. But it is NOT!

Then, there are outright FAKE stamps of known fire brand, that was going on last fall, same stamp, same look. Same price. But absolute garbage dope. I mean I can shoot the whole bun but I don't feel a thing! Of course real one was also going around at the same time...but how would you know which one is which??? So I cease to buy that stamp all together. Soon it vanished since its reputation was completely destroyed.

Thankfully, FAKE stamps are rare in Brooklyn but from what I hear;  pretty common in Paterson.

Brooklyn's number one problem remains however that no decent stamp stays consistently decent quality for longer than couple of weeks! Damn people! What is wrong with you? Why can't you keep the brand alive, well, and steady? Why you have to completely fuck it up after two weeks? What's the point? I just don't get it, You get steady flow of loyal customers, you get rid of it five times faster, and if you wish you can even charge a bit premium for it (90 instead of 75-80 for a bun) if you're greedy, of course! :)
Otherwise people would buy your brand initially and even continue to buy it after you so enthusiastically fuck it up by making it almost garbage, but not for long...junkies always looking for a better product. Especially when $90 spent don't provide even slight expectation of what quality dope should do to a user...I mean come on, if i want to get straight and be comatose asleep I would take couple of sticks of Xanax and one 30mg Roxicodone. That will set me up much cheaper than $90 !!!

I know of ONLY ONE stamp (that changed a name a few times) but it is been consistent in QUALITY for almost TWO YEARS! Only one single source. That's it! (ed. note: curtainlifter, have mercy on us and 'name that stamp', eh?)

Another problem that slowly drives me insane is that with complete disappearance of open air in Brooklyn it is almost impossible to buy just one, two, or three bags. Or even FOUR!!! I mean 9 out 10 dealers I know won't do less than 5 bags minimum!!! That's it! Some do bundle or more. I understand that selling one bag at the time can be pain in the ass, but FOUR bags? I offered $5 extra and they won't even do that. "Five or better!" one says. "Get a bundle!" says another!!! With all the shit about INSANE quality fluctuation that I described above dropping $50 to $90 on the product of unknown or rather unexpected quality is very, very painful!
As we all know there are no refunds or exchanges in this business.

Dealer will almost never tell you that the product is garbage or weak. At best you will get "it is decent", at worst he'd say "it's fire" just to make you buy it. And then you'll find out that you're stuck with bundle (or worse two or three) of absolute SHIT!!! So many times i offered to buy couple bags (even at premium) to test the product before I drop all of my cash (two to three HUNDRED dollars) on 2-3 bundles, this is not a small change for me...and would be a nice sale for a dealer...but in 99% of the time was told "that stuff is great and there is nothing to test, just buy a bun", and usually in 99% of the time it would be a mediocre dope! Last time a got a sample before big purchase like this was like in 1998!!! What's going on!

Everyone wants to sell bundles, noone would sell a tester or two, quality insanely fluctuate, I haven't seen a sample in years! Damn! I miss Bushwick of the 90's when walking to the corner would get you bag or two in seconds that you properly test it out before you get your couple buns, and that if you never bought that stamp before, it you did you just get it, stamp as it should be used to be solid, consistent brand of quality (of course there was fuck ups here and there, but NOT like today!) that you look for and trusted. And they lasted for months not two weeks like now, and rarely turn into horrendous garbage like today. Usually stamps just disappeared. There was so much more competition in open air game in the 90's that today's shit won't last long...unfortunately those days are long gone!

RIP 90's Brooklyn...
I am done venting off my frustration! I will go search for a better shit now! Wish me luck!"


Anonymous said...

If you come across a stamp called gunsmoke. Outta Bushwick. Get that number. always a 8. consistent for last 2 yrs.

Anonymous said...

So why do you continue to do it? It's bad enough to spend every penny on drugs, but if you don't even get high...major waste.

Anonymous said...

"So I seize to buy that stamp all together. Soon it vanished since its reputation was completely destroyed."

I think you meant " 'cease' to buy that stamp 'altogether'."

Sorry, just really anal about that shit. Plus, the Bronx is a good place to find worthwhile buns for 70 or so. Every two weeks is a new batch and, yes, the quality of a stamp does degrade over about 2-3 weeks but the next batch is generally just as good at the original or better.

Anonymous said...

...to keep from getting sick; and to keep looking for that good batch.

Jynxie said...

Curtainlifter's first language is not English so that is where any small errors in his syntax come from. That being said I really enjoy his writing style and wouldn't want to edit his posts for him!

Thanks for the comments :)

Anonymous said...

what part of brooklyn are you in?

Anonymous said...

the bronx is worse than brooklyn/know the bronx very well/the answer is you get with an honest lifer get on pain meds and turn it into a blue moon thing/been beat in NY exactly like was said since 2007 from what i see

Anonymous said...

Right on, Bring back the 90's!

Anonymous said...

i live in the uk we dont waste our time puttin ART on smack bags it cums in tinfoil or a sealy bag and gear is constantly same quality ie descent we pay £120 for a eighth 3.5 g more u get cheaper it is x