COCAINE (blue cap vial)

"First time reviewer, long time reader.  I am friends with a few of the posters/readers so I thought I'd share!  I was always reading the blog on my phone and never saw the email address to send entries, so I should be contributing every so often now. My post is long, if you want to shorten it I will not take offense :)

Also, I'm not sure if this belongs here so you can decide to put it or not. (ed. note: why not..lots of speedball fans out there.:D)

North Brooklyn, December '12

A long standing delivery service has extraordinary vials of powder c!  They are the tiny vials but are packed very dense with what must be at least a gram of some of the best quality I have ever tried.  Very Strong, yet clean. Dissolves like spring water for IVers and very easy on the nose.  I highly recommend!!"

Thanks for keeping this blog running all these years!!"

--reader submission from Brooklyn: Thanks JR!

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