"Can't comment on the legs yet, but HOLY FUCK this shit knocked me on my ass. I did a three bag shot which is about normal for me, I usually do 3-4 at a time. The rush came on strong and lasted a good 20 seconds. I got the rig out of my arm and put it up, and that's the LAST thing I remember. Apparently after I put my rig up I passed out for about 30 mins in my computer chair. I woke up about 10 mins ago and am nodding my ass off. Dope was light tan mixed up like iced tea. Been a long time since I had some dope knock me out like that."
Rush: 8
Count: 6
Quality: 8

ed.note: Please remember: Test shots save lives! --reader submission ALLENTOWN, PA

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the editors note. whenever I get a new batch, I always do a test sniff - approx. half a bag. I can wait, and be sick for another 5-10 minutes, on account of I'd rather not die because of my hastiness and rushing.