By the way stamp looks like "Most Wanted" resembles very much "American Dream" that used to be
decent about a year a half ago but then slipped to total garbage. Now "AD" is gone and this new stuff
is pretty good. Light beige fine powder with proper heroin smell that dissolves clear, light yellow solution.
Gives a good rush but its effects doesn't last as long and doesn't hit you as strong as CLOWNs.
Great quality overall however and excellent customer service of the seller will make it my #1 choice.

rush 5
legs 5
count 6


Anonymous said...

I am so upset that I no longer live in NYC ! I moved to San Francisco about a year ago and there are no stamps out here... just nasty black tar ! every junkie here has zero veins because of the sludge they pumped into their veins! sometimes I can get some good powder but it's fucking pricey ! East Coast Dealers and Distributors please ! there is a billion dollar market out here just waiting for your stamps ! we even have an open air market, the tenderloin, were everyone sells pills and tar, crack and it's tolerated by the 5-0 ! i dont know why no one has come out with some keys of good powder and just cornered the market, people are fucking sick of this tar shit from mexico ! leave it to mexicans to fuck something as simple up as making heroin !

curtainlifter said...

Grass is always greener on the other side... when back in 2007 I visited LA and finally had a chance to try that famous west coast tar it was the strongest stuff I've had in about a year! Brooklyn's powder just sucked back then and wouldn't compare to that excellent $80 a gram delivered to the door step primo quality LA tar.
300mg had me on my ass that I almost fell out. Then again it happen to be really good quality tar. But still I'd take it over any NYC powder now without a blink!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea the tar in San Fran is garbage , that spot is funny though in the tenderloin u can get whatever in 2 seconds but even a g of the tar barley keeps you well for the day, shit from Reno is pretty good , better then most of the pow

Anonymous said...

The only problem with this stuff that it has no legs...couple hours at most