NICKELODEON ("Do do you have it..GUTS!"/"Double Dare") / WARHORSE

"Been enjoying these little guys for a little while- so I thought I would send a review."

"Picked up in Manhattan- they have been through a few incarnations.  First a couple of Nickelodeon stamps: "Do do do do you have it... GUTS!" and "Double Dare 2000" in white and blue glassines, but mainly plain blue (pictured above).  Powder is very light tan, flaky and pebbly with a few crystals- breaks up fluffy."

"Nice and easy on the schnozz, and a mellow, energizing high with a nice nod after settling down when work is done.  Hangs around for a while and lets me back down easy.  Bags are kind of light but the price is definitely right.  These are my favorite go-to at the moment."

Rush- N/A
Count- 5
Legs- 8

 **Big thanks to reader "S" for submitting a RED warhorse! --Jynxie 1/17/13

"Also picked up some white bags in Brooklyn with a green stamp of a horse labeled "WAR HORSE".  Powder light tan and a tad grainy."

"Pretty pricey with fair-sized bags but still a little light.  First one I tried made me sick (headache, nauseated)  so I shelved them, but hauled them out later without the same effect.  Burn like heck when snorted. Fairly sedating.
Whatever these are cut with is a little caustic and unpleasant.  
Overall these didn't treat me all that well--but may be the cat's pajamas for someone else--who knows?" 

Rush- N/A
Count- 5
Legs- 4

Please use caution if you encounter this stamp--especially IV users!///

---reader submission from NYC (thanks Jane!) 


Anonymous said...

but i'm not a native english speaker. can u explain to me what do u consider when u say 'count', and 'legs'? ['russh' is familiar to me on the other hand ;)

Jynxie said...

@anon 15:49

"COUNT" refers to the weight/amount of product in each bag. Typically one bag should have around .1g inside it--(a bundle of 10bags = 1g) sometimes the count appears "high" but it is filled with cut rather than product. (so it would get a low score in the other columns)

"LEGS" refers to how long the effects last, or for the habituated, how long they stay "well" on the product.