"Picked up in the 212. Has a nice high and long legs."

rush - 5

--reader submission (thanks -P!)


Anonymous said...

Do my eyes deceive me? Or is that bag filled to near the top of the first fold? Also, that 0.3 reading on your skizzle is, of course, GROSS weight. (Bag itself + dope) Most non-Philly size bags (smaller and more 'square') weigh (get this!) around 187mg.'s. However, NY/NNJ/BKLYN bags (empty, of course. This is the 'TARE' weight) weigh from 220 to near 250, and I have NOT seen them all, I know there will be deviations abounding... To get to my point, is I am wondering if you have an actual "POINT" in that phat bag. That 1000G skizzle will not resolve to milligrams, per se. It is tenths of a gram resolution. I am so damned obsessed with this factor in trying my best to selectively make acquisitions that are a happy blend of potency and count/yield. Thanks for listening to my nod-rant. Peace.
~Kev in SoJeruz

Anonymous said...

I done tons of these jumpoffs. yes they were really a point(at 1st wayy more than a 100mg..more like 150+ no joke-just 4 the 1st week). its the usual count in the hood where these be from

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that weight is with the bag too. It's actually just a point. Anon above, how much were you paying for these buns?

Anonymous said...

wow nice,,,, is Dream Wizard any relation to Dream Chaser ? Recently seen in Bpt, CT ..