"I got three bags of this stuff and its safe to say its not a "home run" and honestly really sucks and is not worth any money. Even for someone with like noo tolerance I'm just not widdit!"

--reader submission from Williamsburg, BK (thanks RMK)

*submitter also included this review but did not have a pic:
 "Something I tried a few separate times that's also going around Williamsburg called "SMACK DOWN" . And this stuff isn't the best but pretty damn good. The rush is real nice and I didn't notice much of a huge nod each time but that's okay.  It dissolves pretty easy like it should and overall it's pretty alright with me. Bags are also pretty average quantity. Unlike the 'home run' which was pretty skimpy as well. Overall I rate it an 8 or 9. Not a 10 simply because I've done better. That's all. :)"

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