"***[NOTE: below is direct eevidence of a nod while typing (lol)]***"

"Extra-nice packaging really jumps out at you. the "venom" label (including aagw...................................................s .....................................                          
somewhat lobstery-looking scorpion) isn't even a stamp, it's a roll of thin tape with the same picture on it over and over. it doubles as an insignia and a seal. very classy boys, i was starting to lose faith in your professionalism when i picked up "taxi" the other day. 

Anyway, pretty fat count though not totally uniform from bag to bag. seven or eight I'd say -- call it eight to be charitable. If you put it in your nose it's got a stingy/sweet taste that kind of reminds you of fruity pebbles. 

Definitely a jolt of mellow, maybe cut with benzos? either way, pretty nice, but with no iv cant really say for rush.

Too early to give an informed opinion on the legs, but i like where it's going at the moment -- seven's about right. in sum: some mighty fine dope, and the $80 tag makes it that much sweeter ~~ <((\o_0/))^"

rush - n/a
legs - 7
count - 7

"Update: two bags to the dome and noddin like a motherfucker after half an hour :-)"

--reader submission (thanks GG!)


Anonymous said...

How much do y'all pay for a bun out In ny/nj.. Only 4 bucks a bag/35-40 a bun out here in the Hartford CT area.. Feel like y'all prob have way better quality shit tho

Anonymous said...

"Update: two bags to the dome and noddin like a motherfucker after half an hour :-)"..... Cherish these days of LOW TOLERANCE, because they all too soon will be like passing clouds, and those 2 to the dome for the nice nod, will then require 5 or more before you know it.... I miss my newbie days when I could get a vicious nod from just a deuce. Peace from SoJerooz.

Anonymous said...

In recent years point bags has disappeared and now you get your $5 stamps which are usually half the quantity. Paterson has been selling $4-$5 for years and slowly Newark has done the same thing. Though on average Newark bags are far bigger than Paterson bags for only $2 more. I'd much rather get a $6-$7 bag that is almost double the size of a Paterson $4 bag. Then you have the city of Camden which sells $10 bags, 11 bag bundles for $100. But its a total rip. The bags there are about the same size of Newark bags on average. I've copped a variety of stamps in Camden and the dope is good, dont get me wrong. But I could get the same quality and amount for $50-$60 in Newark.

Anonymous said...

Is this herion?

Anonymous said...

got these a few times out on LI, the size of em way pretty damn small when i got em but the quality wasnt too bad, id say about average stuff prob woulda been a lot better if they were fat.

Anonymous said...

im all the way out on eastern longisland an i get these stamps there great!

Anonymous said...

I am all the way out here in NC, and when I got this stamp the bags were small and the dope was dark. It also wasn't all that great, but it was about average.