CANADA DRY/973 (Newark, NJ)

"Both of these are from Downtown Newark. Lately all the gear down there has been pretty trash but these two were a good change. The were a couple dollars above the average going price for gear in Newark but it was worth it. The count in each was awesome, though its hard to tell from these pics because I knocked it all to the bottom"

Legs: 8
Rush: 6 ( Wasn't anything too amazing, had a decent rush but the high lasted quite some time)
Count: 8

---reader submission from Newark, NJ (thanks MA)


Anonymous said...

A week later I got the 973 stamp from the same dude, and it was completely different, just not good at all. The dude even told me it wasn't very good but I went with it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Got 973 in July was definitely nice change of pace from what I had been getting in south Jersey. Got it in downtown Newark too.