STINGRAY (Paterson, NJ)

"This is one of the other best stamps around Paterson and has had many different names. Originally it was purple "boom". Then it was this purple "Stingray". Most recently a purple stamp called "GOYA" . All the same dope and all very good. Fat bags and good quality white d. Possibly better than bugatti? I go back and forth on which is better. Both very high quality and never a let down so don't hold back if you see this--you may even do 80% your regular dose and feel just as good."

--anon reader submission from Paterson, NJ

ed note: This submission also covered 2 other stamps: (Bugatti and 9 1/2) but it seems only the "Stingray" image attached correctly! To the person who submitted this review: PLEASE resend the images of the other 2 stamps and I'll post up the full reviews! In the meantime, THANKS MUCH!

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Anonymous said...

string ray is FIRE, this is an older stamp and it was going around the 4th ward for a few weeks but if anone comes across this one again please post and let the comunity know, thanks guys!!