Hello junkie delinquents, your girl EVE here...

I present TAXI, from the same crew who does Hellboy. Your average Brooklyn dope - you get a good nod going on & a pleasant rush, with a decent count. Basically, if it was a woman, it would be your girl-next-door; pretty enough to a turn a head or two, but not pretty enough to stop traffic.

UPDATE - I must have been high when I originally wrote this. This stuff sucks. Takes way too much to just get right, let alone high. UGH.

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Rush - 5
Legs- 5
Count - 6
Overall - 5



Anonymous said...

i hate it when he doesn't have Hellboy. Heard this is same as the Dr.Pepper/Tap Out/Smackdown which I never thought was better than average...5 ratings across the board. Nodzilla

EVE said...
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Anonymous said...

this shit sucks. i miss hellboy :(

Anonymous said...

Hey there E.V.E., I totally feel you on taking way too many to even feel anything, let alone get high. Just ran into the same sitch on a brick. Put out 3 yards and got zip.zero. nada. Talk about depressing! Could it be TOLERANCE is making itself known? The gear we got was workin quite well for others, and it had a really good rep, but just didn't "do anything". I feel your loss.