These stamps sourced in Fairhill, N. Philidelphia.. 
"The great thing about that spot is that there are several stamps, Zombie, Miami, Hangover, (and another i can't recall at the moment,.) When you roll up you'll have at least two dealers run up to your car with competing stamps and they will try to undersell eachother if you are looking to buy quantity (with the) exception of Zombie (best quality) They know what they have and haven't paid less than 120 for 13.
Miami, though, is for $100 for 14.
The other two stamps (at the spot are) Hang Over and Crazy Horse.., $80 for 14 but they are so weak they aren't even worth it at that price. The Hang Over here was not the fire i was reading about (elsewhere) some time ago. It was shit. The count was bad...more like a nickel. I guess that's why it's @ $80 for 14. 2 buns last me a night. And its not just the count, I did a 10 bag shot and I never really got that good warm feeling. Felt something...then woke up 45 minutes later. Anyway, the spot is hot as balls.. Happy hunting!"
--submitted by Felonious Junk,Philadelphia, PA


Anonymous said...

i am copping in this area all the time. And zombie is decent. But pacman not too far away is head and shoulders above zombie. It will whipe its ass with zombie no bullshit. But pacman has been hit hard buy strike force in the last month and the most recent hit 2 days ago has the corner shut down. Again it is also extremely pricey and hard to work with you cant get a bun for less than 130 but they are 15bag buns

Anonymous said...

if anyone knows of a kick ass bag in north philly that can b had for 100or less 14bag bun please post Ill find it thanks

Anonymous said...

where can i find crazy horse in philipsburg pa area.

curtainlifter said...

I got HANGOVER in Fairhill this summer. Drove all the way from NYC. 4 hours r/t. $120 for 13 (crazy pricing! why just don't sell $90 buns?)
Well...compare to 1996 when Philly had normal wide NYC style bags (at $80 a bun) without ziplocks. Stuff IS much weaker! Bags are 3 times smaller! Price is higher! Total RIPOFF !!! It is like buying NYC bags for $20 no less! I can't believe it changed so much!
At least the easy access open air is still there!!!

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