I took a chance on a book of this "Nation pride" and was not disappointed. Light brown powder that can be seen though bags was giving me hopes that it is in fact something decent (usually totally white stuff is not good). Anyway it dissolves clearly into weak tea colored solution and had nice dope smell.
 Count was a bit small, maybe 40% of what it should be. Now the review, after so much garbage and totally weak stuff flaoating around in Broolyn this was total surprise! "Official" like teenage dealer called it.
 I shot two and got awesome rush that kind of slowly (within a minute) reached you, then there was very strong nod, that strong that i almost runned into the light pole walking with my eyes half open. After second shot I could barely walk. This stuff is fire!  Once again real dope that is not cut with benzos or seraqil to make you zombi-like but only nice,clear opiate high.
I give it solid 8 all around, rush,legs,count (even though count is on the small side but quality makes up for it) Get it while it lasts!!! $80 a book.
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