METHADONE (lol) :)

There comes the time in every opiate addict life when there is noting good to cop...
Or maybe you wish to take a necessary break from opiate dependency being this a new job, unexpected vocation with the relatives or simply "I need to chill out" situation after a bundle a day habit becomes too cumbersome.
In this difficult time nothing can deliver relief from daily anxiety of accruing and consuming illicit opiates like long lasting (up to 72 hours), inexpensive and widely accepted by therapeutic community...(RS)-6-(Dimethylamino)-4,4-diphenylheptan-3-one
also known as Methadone...
This miracle substance concocted by evil Nazi will relieve all your negative side effects of opiate withdrawal. Within 30 minutes of average 40mg dosage you will feel considerably better and in one hour it will make you a brand new man. Do not however over do it. Dosages of 30-40 mg a day is enough for 24 hours of very pleasant existence. Anything above that is plain greed. Infamous New York City jail Rikers Island used to give new inmates requiring detox 20mg (!) and everybody were happy with it, now they give ONLY 10mg and no one is crying in pain.
People who say that they still feel sick after taking 80mg (or more) are liars and should be given a Narcan shot as a lesson what it REALLY feels to be sick.
GOD Bless methadone, and America for making it legal and available.
And yes in countries like Russia methadone is in schedule I and illegal for any application as well as it is illegal to use ANY opiate/opioid for heroin detoxification. Health minister of Russian federation put it simply: "We don't give drugs to drug addicts."
So if you are to detox in Russia, cold turkey, rapid naltrexone detox (that cost $1500, huge sum of money in Russia), or some benzo assisted detox in a psych ward with total nutcases wondering around.
And by the way clandestinely produced methadone in a form of off-white/yellowish crystals cost $200-300 a gram in Russia. And even though IV injecting methadone produce very little or no rush, people seem to enjoy it, primarily for extremely long legs.

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Unknown said...

I respect your opinion, however methadone can be a very dangerous substance. My cousin was prescribed to help him get off heroin but he got hooked on the methadone. He then went through Methadone Detox and is on the road to recovery.