This was by every mean the biggest disappointment in a long while. I was raging mad! Well let me explain...I got the whole bundle of this stuff ($80). Bags were rather small, some even VERY small. Inside there was yellowish colored powder with unusual chemical smell that I can not pinpoint but it wasn't usual vinegary smell of good dope.
Anyway the powder dissolved well with no heat into very cloudy (I mean you could not see trough the syringe if you put it in the sun) yellowish brown solution. All this raised enough alarms but I did a 3 bag shot. Results were: NO rush, weird taste/sensation at the tip of your tongue, feeling of mental cloud and slight buzzing feeling in the head. There was absolutely NO opiate effects (even after shooting 10 bags which I did in 20 minutes all I got is a sleepy state that equals perhaps taking a 2mg Xanax tablet!) and everything pointed towards some antidepressant maybe Seroquel (their tablets are yellowish brown) or such which is ground up and mixed with some cut.
So this was the biggest, saddest waste of eighty dollars that I can remember since that "Yankee" crap which was kind of alike this garbage.
Stay away as far as you can from this "Hunchback" crap, even bundle, oh hell 5 bundles will not produce any desired effect! This stuff IS NOT heroin!!! Thank God at least it seems to be safe and a bundle produced only mild form of sleepiness. And there is only that scary looking CLOUDY yellowish brown solution.

Rush 0 (zero)
Legs o (zero)
Count 3 (small to very small, if it matters)

P.S. By the way, after seventh or so bag I tasted the solution and it wasn't even bitter!!! (only very slightly bitter)

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