Rush -9
Legs -9
Count - 9

"Everything I've been copping lately been off the charts! Best time in a long time for dope, and I'm a hardcore user, so I'm not over exaggerating."

-reader submission 


jeansandjacketrequired said...

I haven't seen "Making of the Mob" but as a kid in the mid '70's, in a tony suburb of Chicago, I do remember seeing a small glassine envelope in the middle of my quiet suburban street. It was stamped with a small image of a horse. I picked it up and was very curious about it. I am "arty" so I liked the stamp. I knew a couple of neighbor boys were experimenting with some drugs. I figured it may have held cocaine or heroin. I tossed it back on the ground and continued on my way...

Anonymous said...

I love the whole concept of collecting "stamps". Its also cool to see some of the same ones that ive seen way down south. Well half way down the east coast lol.