R: 8

L: 8
C: 8

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Anonymous said...

These pre-prints are a horrible development in the stamp scene. I've had this "stamp", and it was absolute trash, far from fire. The stamps I got were different dope I'm sure though. My bags weren't folded or taped, just kind of rolled up together and bundled with a rubber band. The plain bags and pre-prints are always going around my area. The dope is usually pretty white, very powdery, and has a strange smell either due to the cut, or perhaps it's actually acetyl fentanyl and mannitol or something. Keeps me well, but rarely gets me high, even 5 or 6 bags at a time! Again, I don't deny that the batch pictured here was fire, it's just that anyone can stick anything in these pre-prints, and in my area it's usually garbage.

-Mr. B